Deceased washing machine

Wednesday 3 Sep 2008 7:54 AM

Arthur`s Ariston washing machine has died (atually it was a washer-dryer byt the drying bit stopped working just over a year after he got it). Either that or his cack-handed lodger broke it; it was his load in the machine when it stopped working so it is more than likely his fault!

The drum had stopped turning and a quick investigation by pulling the back of the machine off and poking around a bit, revealed that the motor was not behaving - it was making a funnuy clicking noise when it was turned by hand. Plugging the machine back in and setting a cycle going, the motor made a half-hearted effort to turn and did so for 5 or 10 seconds but this was accompanied by a lot of crackling and some bright flashes of sparks. Thus Arthur decied the motor had had it and it was time for a new washing machine.

A quick look round the shops and some online sites revealed that all the cheaper models (Arthur isn`t going to spend over £400 on a washing machine) weren`t held in stock that reliably and finding a budget machine was going to be tricky. This was further complicated by the fact that Arthur had limited depth to work with due to some awkward plumbing in the gap where his washing machine lived. Arthur also discovered that all new washing machines are only cold fill these days (yet for some reason washer-dryers are hot and cold - why? Drying doesn`t need a supply of cold water???) And thgus the great washing machine hunt began...