Fixed Bike!

Thursday 25 Sep 2008 9:30 AM

The bike is fixed! Hooray!

Arthur managed to get his bike sorted last night. He set about things in a nice logical way and his first few attempts were still doomed to failure. Then his lodger, a abike expect, suggested putting it up on his bike stand so Arthur could see what was going on a bit better and make working on it easier (the bike expert too had previosly failed on numerous occasions to get it fixed).

With the bike up on the stand Arthur eventually discovered the problem; the cable routing when the cable was clamped to the front gears was preventing it from moving to the top gear - the cable was being bent and crushed between 2 bolts stopping them moving closer together. This was a bit odd as the only way to fix the problem was to send the cable via an alternate route avoiding a little spiggot on the clamp for holding the cable in place, which didn`t seem as well clamped but at least it actually worked. Arghur also did some general brake and gerar adjustment and, with a quick test, the clicking noise had stopped too, even with his new pedals (his testing was cut short by some heavy rain).

Artrhur was also happy that his day driving into work hadn`t been a total waste as, after months of waiting, Arthur finally discovered the bread maker he was buyiong his dad for his birthday, was back in stock at Argos (Arthur had loads of Argos vouchers to use). Thus having the car to hand at luchtime, he popped into town and picked it up and delivered it in the evening once he had sorted his bike problems.