Cinnamon Cereal

Saturday 20 Sep 2008 3:49 AM

Not only is Arthur stuffed full of Opal Fruits at the moment, he also recently discovered the delights of Seriously Cinnamon breakfast cereal (previously known as Cinnamon Grahams). These are little toasted wheat squares (or long oblongs if the machine that cuts them up hasn`t quite worked properly) with a sugar and cinnamin coating and a various nice little patterns printed on one side.

Arthur doesn`t eat them for breakfast (nothing is ever likely depose Weetabix and his breakfast of choice) but simply munches them out of the box as a snack - they`ve got tot be better for you than crisps, seets of biscuits! Arhtur was being relativlet sensibel about eating them as they were £2.20 a box but then Asda decided to put them on special offer - £2 for 2 boxes. It was cheaoper to buy 2 of them than just one! So, Arthur found himslef with 8 boxes of this cereal at home and started eating. Less than a week later Arthur diwscovered he had consumed 2 boxes of the stuff - this was not good. Whilst they are a cereal and supposedly good for you, eating that much sugary, wheaty stuff is porbably not a good ideas, so Arthur has had to go cold turkey and leave the remaining boxes on his side in the kitchen, sitting there tempting him all the time with their cinnamon goodness...