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Animal Soft Porn

 Saturday 2 Apr 2011, 11:50 PM

My first post on here in ages and what`s it about? Animal porn.

OK, so I`m not actually talking about some woman being mounted by her pet dog or sucking off a zebra (something I have actually seen advertised on some random popup many years back belive it or not) but rather some softer animal deviancy in a couple of regular films I saw today.

At the more mainstream end of the spectrum I watched Due Date, a road trip comedy with Robert Downey Junior and the overwight, beardy guy (whose name I forget which is why I am calling him "overwight, beardy guy") from The Hangover. This film features a cute little pug dog named Sonny who likes to masturbate. And they show you everything. Several times. It was funny but part of me seems to think there should probably be some sort of law against showing things like this, especially in a 15 Certificate film. You wouldn`t get away with it if it were "people".

As a polar opposite, I also watched the Thai art house film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives which is about.... well, I`m not really sure what it was about!

Uncle Boonmee is dying from kindey failure and meets up with the ghost of his dead wife and his long lost son who has turned into a black, hairy ghost monkey with glowing red eyes. Then there`s some bit with a princess who stops off at a waterfall to indulge her forbidden feelings with one of her pallenquin bearers and ends up getting a blow job from a talking catfish. I have no idea what the relevance of this was - maybe it was symbolism to say that whilst Uncle Boonmee currently has a shit life where he`s going to die early, in a previous life as a catfish he didn`t have it so bad as he got to go muff diving with members of the Thai royal family, thus overall it all balances out...

Anyway, the film was a bit too slow and odd for my liking, even with scenes of fishy fornication.

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