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 Saturday 23 Jul 2011, 12:47 PM Santa Sangre video poster by Graham Humphreys

All of a sudden proper movie poster art seems to have become a vaguely popular topic (by "proper poster art" I mean poster that are painted rather than bland Photoshop montages that, more often than not, simply consist of the lead actors/characters or their heads).

Recently we`ve had a great book by Drew Struzan about some of the classics he`s created over the years such as Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, The Thing etc.

Then last week, the fantastic new movie poster collection site published a lengthy interview with the best (at least as far as I`m concerned) poster artist ever, Graham Humphreys who did classic UK quad posters such as The Evil Dead and Nightmare on Elm Street

Then to cap it all off, today I spot the BBC has an article on the lost art of painted posters which once again mentions Graham alongside other British artists who are creating designs for films such as Hobo With a Shotgun

I would like to think this is a resurgence for the painted poster as an art form but I doubt anything will change. It will be down to smaller, independent films to do something inventive and the only way we`ll get real art for mainstream cinema is via the likes of Mondo posters, a group of talented artists who create limited edition posters for older genre films, usually for one-off screenings

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