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Black Sunday returns for 2012?

 Wednesday 28 Dec 2011, 10:54 AM

A fair while back, possibly a few years now, I got an email from one Dave Bryan who`d been searching on-line for the 90s horror film festival he used to run in Manchester called Black Sunday (either that or he`d been Googling his name to see what would turn up - admit it, who hasn`t done it!).

He`d found my mini website about all the film festivals I used to go to (and sometimes still do), in particular the one about Black Sunday and emailed me to say thanks for all my kind words etc. He mentioned in his email some crazy idea about doing another one but I never heard anything back. At least not until a few days ago when another email arrived completely out of the blue.

Dave seems to be seriously trying to get another Black Sunday off the ground, aiming for sometime in June 2012 (peak season for lots of big genre films). Details are a bit sketchy at this early stage but he mentioned it would be somewhere around Manchester and would feature 6 films - 4 premières and 2 older classics.

The question is, in theory, would you attend such an event? If you are interested, send Dave an email at to give him your support or let me know - the more support he gets the more likely it is to happen.

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