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Chocolate Orange Mousse

 Sunday 31 Jan 2010, 7:20 PM

It`s time for a recipe! Chocolate Orange mousse, an easy recipe my Dad makes (no idea where he got it from though).

Ingredients: 1 tin Evaporated Milk (approx 410g), 1 Orange or Tangerine Jelly (the goopy cubes, not crystals), approx 75g of dark chocolate (not cooking chocolate - something better)

Well in adavnce of making the mousse, take a large mixing bowl and put it in the freezer to cool down. Also put the tin of Evaporated Milk in the fridge to cool down - apparently keeping this cool is vital to the sucess of the mousse!

Once you are ready to begin, take a small bowl and put the Jelly and Chocolate into it along with a tiny bit of water. Put this in the microwave until the jelly and chocolate are melted (mix well).

In the meantime, put the chilled Evaporated Milk into the chilled and whick until it is very light and fluffy - it should approximtaely triple or quadruple in volume. Overwhisking can result in it reducing in size, probably because it begins to get too warm.

Finally take the Jelly/Chocolate mix and just as it begins to thicken up but is still runny enough to pour, quickly whick it into the already whicked Evaporated Milk. This is the tricky bit as if you do it too sson the warm mix will deflate the fluffy Evaporated Milk. Too late and it will go lumpy and/or not pour into the Evaporated Milk.

Finally refrigerate the entire lot until it has set.

The one thing I have learnt from this recipe is that I need to enable bullet points within my blog posts...

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Bloody neighbours!

 Saturday 23 Jan 2010, 10:29 AM

No, this isn`t a rant about my favourite TV show (I could never bad mouth Neighbours!) - it`s about the real thing. My next door neighbour has knocked down my garden wall by driving into it!

I got up this morning to find the wall half way to collapse and with a big kink in it - the friction between the bricks was the only thing holding it up. A bit of investigation revealed some scrapes on silver paint at the pint of impact on my neighbour`s side plus some matching scrapes on the rear bumper of his car.

I challenged him about it and he didn`t have any idea it had happened until I pointed it out. He came up with some story about having to rush to get his mother to the hospital for an operation but it fell on unsympathetic ears - he promised to get the wall repaired but I did mention I didn`t want his dodgy Chinese builders to do it after the mess they made the last time they knocked down a bit of the wall whilst doing work on his driveway. I will have to wait and see what happens.

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Best snow ever (better than last time!)

 Wednesday 6 Jan 2010, 1:16 PM

Yes, this time it really is the best snow ever. With the help of a ruler, my back door step and the clock on the microwave I recorded a steady inch per hour for 5 hours when I got home last night.

By the time I got up this morning there was a grand total of 9 1/2 inches or there abouts! I don`t ever remember seeing that much snow in this country, even when looking though my rose tinted spectacles of childhood when everything seemed twice as big because I was actually half the size I am now (actually that`s not quite true, - I recall being stuck in Bournemouth once back in the 70s where the drifts were up to the car windows, but this snow is still pretty damned impressive)

I walked to work today. I got my bike out of the shed then decided not to bother as it would take more effort to drag it through the snow than I would save in the few places I could actually use it. Saying that, the main roads don`t seem to bad now. They have mostly turned to slush and quite usable by cars a bicycles alike. The side roads are still a nightmare though. Still, my walk home will be a good 35 minutes of exercise to help walk off my many Christmas excesses.

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