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Oh happy days...

 Tuesday 31 Oct 2006, 12:35 PM

In case yopu were wondering about the title, Arthur was being sarcastic. His visit to the dentist today was a mixture of good and bad news.

The chipped tooth apparently isn`t a big deal and the dentist has just suggested leaving it and seeing if it causes a problem in the future (the logic being that as it is a very small chip, filling it in could cause more damage than the good it does). Arthur isn`t particularly convinced about this as it feels really odd, but he`ll see how it goes.

However the dentist also found that one of Arthurs old fillings is failing and needs replacing. As Arthur has yet to sort out his anaesthetic allergy and the dentist has run out of alternatives to try(there is a world shortage of the anaesthetic he would have tried next and the only other option cannot be used on the lower jaw due to the tongue sweeling and giving difficulties breathing!) the only choice is to have the filling done with no anaesthetic at all. Arthur is not best pleased about this even though most of his other fillings were done without anaesthetic.

In fact it is rather ironic that for years Arthur refused to have anaesthetic when having a filling due to his fear of needles and now that he has discovered he can cope and is quite happy to have injections at the dentist, he can`t have one because he is allergic to them!

At least it will all be over this time tomorrow (although the traumatic memories of the pain and having to pay £115 for the privilige, may scar Arthur for life). Fucking cunty pissflaps. Why is life so shit....

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A chipped tooth

 Monday 30 Oct 2006, 11:10 PM

Arthur wishes people he knows would not get married as whenever anyone`s wedding approaches, for some bizarre reason, something always goes wrong with his teeth. Previous incidents have involved toothache, fillings, allergic reactions to anaesthetic etc.

However, last night, exactly one week before Arthur attends a friends wedding (actually a blessing as he got married months ago in the US but didn`t invite anyone from the UK, the miserable bastard) Arthur has managed to chip one of his front teeth.

Arthur has had a strange little rough bit on the edge of this tooth for a number of years now but this has now gone completely, along with a small lump from the front of the tooth as well. He suspects it was the stick of rock his dad had bought him back from the Isle of Wight that was the final mail in the coffin. At first Arthur thought this new rough patch was just a bit of rock stuck to his tooth but upon inspection in a mirror he discovered that there was a small hole and a bit of it was missing.

This is not good news as Arthur still hasn`t solved his "allergic to dental anaesthetic" problem, so he hopes that when he visits the dentist tomorrow it won`t require anything too major to fix. It is only a small chip so it proably won`t require much effort to either smooth it off by grinding it down or filling the hole with something like they use to make white fillings.

Arthur just hopes that it hasn`t got to much worse in the couple of days it will be before he visits the dentist. The hole feels a bit smoother (all the sharp, rough edges have gone) but the hole feels bigger and wider now, like the tooth is slowly cracking along its width (this would be bad). Arthur now just has to wait and see (and keep it well cleaned to stop food getting stuck in there!)

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 Friday 27 Oct 2006, 12:09 PM Heroes TV series logo

Arthur continues to watch series 3 of Lost via bit torrent every Thursday night (although Arthur has recently discovered that Sky One was won the rights to show series 3 in the UK and will start showing it in a few weeks time, thus pretty much negating the need for downloading). After 4 epsiodes it seems to have settled down into its usual routine of character based stories that don`t really give much away.

However, another show called Heroes, which, to be perfectly honest, is pretty much a "Lost" clone, is the exact opposite in that it has been getting better and more exciting with each passing epsiode. Again Arthur has been downloading this show each week (he has no idea when or if it will be shown on UK TV).

It follows a number of ordinary people who discover they have strange powers. These powers seem to be drawing them together in order to save the world. Like Lost, Heroes features a handful of regualr characters and each week we learn a bit more about them. We also see how they face their new found super powers and how they choose to use them. At the current time (Arthuir has just watched episode 5) very few of the characters have nmet eachnohter although they do seem to be coming together. However we do know that thre is due to be a large explosion in New York and that they are the only people who can stop it.

Differnet characters have different powers; a senator up for election who can fly, a Japanese businessman who can manipulate time and space, a cheerleader who heals all injuries, a policeman who can read minds, a junkie artist who paints the future etc. Some of these work well but others not so well. However is is cetainly an intersting and exciting series to watch with all sorts of subplots that will doubtless become more impotrant in later epsiodes; Arthur is particularly looking forward to seeing more of the super villain known only as Sylar, who freezes victims and steals their brains, pins people to ceilings with large quantities of cutlery and controls their minds to make them shoot themselves.

It`s not as good as Lost in that the characters aren`t as likeable and interesting, but the story is moving at a quicker pace and it actually feels like it makes sense and is going somewhere rather than Lost`s "lets make up weird shit as we go from series to series" feeling.

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 Tuesday 24 Oct 2006, 2:39 PM Torchwood TV series logo

After what seems like an eyernoity of waiting, the new "adult" Dr Who spin off serioes, Torchwood, has finally started showing on BBC3. Not that Arthur got to see it when it first showed as he was busy on Sunday night and had to rely on Ntl On Demand the next day. on firing up the On Demand service on Monday night, he was greeted with an empty placeholder for Torhwood as they hadn`t got round to adding it yet, despite the feact the 15 minute "making of Torcwood" documentaries were available! Useless! Even worse was when Arthir went to watch them he was greeted by something asking for a PIN which Arthur had no idea about! Calling Ntl customer services they said they could reset the PIN and asked for his password... What password! Arthur had never had to give Ntl a password before! Eventually it was all sorted by giving just about every persoanl detail Arthur had and the 2 proper Torchwood episodes appeared for On Demand viewing around 10:30pm that night.

The series follows Captain Jack (from the first series of Dr Who) who is now running a top secret alien investigation agency from a bunker beneath Cardiff. At least within the first 2 episodes, it hasn`t actually been explained how he got this job, especially since he was last seen some 300 years into the future on board a space station, but Arthur is sure an explanation will be forthcoming. Much has been made of the fact that this is adult TV and not for kids and indeed it does feature swearing, sex, violence etc. but most of this has just felt a bit tacked on so far. Whilst Arthur has enjoyed the first 2 episodes they definitely aren`t as good as "new Who" although this could be because "new Who" had good strong charcaters and 2 episodes isn`t enough to build equally good charcaterisations.

One positive thing about it is that production values are high; the main set of the Torchwood HQ is big and impressive and the special effects so far, especially the monster makeups in the first episiode, are all excellent.

The other thing about the series is that is it most definitely Welsh. Cardiff as a city is featured prominently and a lot of the characters have Welsh accents. Arthur isn`t quite sure what the Americans will make of this (it certainly won`t help the series get sold over the pond). Maybe the genius TV exececutives will have it dubbed by US actors. Hell, they`ll probably add a rap soundtrack as well...

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 Friday 20 Oct 2006, 6:05 PM Some slugs

Continuing Arthur`s occasional series on garden wildlife, today Arthur presents a nice picture of some slugs on his driveway.

It had been raining last night, which always seems to bring out the slugs and snails (walking in the back garden can be a very squishy/crunchy affair) but Arthur was paricularly surprised to see a strange gathering of slugs on his front driveway whilst putting out his wheelie bin for the dustmen.

They all seemed to be having some sort of party in one particualr spot. In fact Arthur suspects it was possibly some kind of deviant slug orgy, given how they were all slithering over each other and how it looked like they were trying to eat each other (although it is entiely possible that that`s actually what they were doing and it was more of a canibalistic ritual). Arthur left them too it and was even surprised that some of them were still there the next night in the same spot although the party wasn`t quite as lively on the second occasion (Some of the guests had probably eaten the others)

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So sleepy

 Tuesday 17 Oct 2006, 4:41 AM

Arthur thought he was going to have a nice relaxing weekend after last week`s roof repairing extravaganza but he ended up more tired than ever!

He had a late night on Friday watching a new DVD (Dog Bites Dog, a dark, brtual film about a savage Cambodian hitman on the loose in Hong Kong) and an even later night on Saturday going out to Drozone (a goth/rock/industrial club Arthur occasionally visits) and not getting to bed until gone 3am even though he`d got up bright and early to collect some parcels from the post office amd go shopping. Sunday was spent gardening and even with a day off on Monday when Arthur went to the cinema to see The Departed, he was still shatterd on Tuesday when he ended up in bed at 7:30pm as he couldn`t keep his eyes open!

Arhtur`s Sunday gardening efforts involved riping up a large lavender bush in front of his front door that had just becomne too big and ugly. He has tried taking cuttings to grow a suitable replacement and now has lots of pots in the back garden and on his kitchen window sill with bits of lavender sticking out in vain hope that one of them will live (Arthur is a terrible gardener and kills most plants he comes into contact with). He also got his leaf blower/vaccum out and cleaned up some leaves from his back garden all though this mostly involved blowing them all up in the air and into his next door neighbours garden.

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Dodgy deals in Arthur`s front garden

 Thursday 12 Oct 2006, 6:25 PM

As the following event happened a few weeks ago and Arthur has heard nothing more about it, he now feels happy to share it with the rest of the world.

Arthur woke up one moring and looking out of his bedroom window saw a man fast alseep in the moddle of his front lawn! Arthur initially suspected he was some drunk who`d curled up there for the night although it was a bit odd that he had a couple of bags with him as well. Arthgur decided to igonore him for the time being and got ready for wotk but then decided he`d better pop out to see if the guy was OK (or worse, dead!). However by this time he`d up and gone of his own accord buit he`d managed to leave his mobile phone behind.

It was a really cheap, crap phone and Arthur decided to have a look to see if there were any number he could contact in order to return it to its drunken owner. There were very few numbers in his phonebook but it was his text messages that made slightly worrying reading. The first (fairly innoccuous one) read something like "Babe love u more each day and i mean every word xxxxx" but the others (which were of far more concern) read "Danny said wen u got a grand get in touch & not until" and "This is Danny, drop the money round Grants at 7pm sharp. Do not call me on this number or else" (!!!!!)

At that point Arthur decided it was probably best not to try and contact the owner of the phone after all and took it to the local police station on the way to the cinema later on that evening. Even if Danny & co. were never brought to task for their obviously dodgy dealings, Arthur still had the last laugh; the man in his front garden had slept right where some cat goes for a poo every day.

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Flat Roof

 Tuesday 10 Oct 2006, 7:35 PM

Arthur has just about regained the ability to move again after spending the weekend helping to fit a new flat roof to his dad`s garage. The 23ft by 11ft roof and was first constructed around 20 years ago and hasn`t really been touched since apart from a few patches in an attempt to stop some leaks. However the leaks had recently become so bad it urgently needed replacing.

The roof was covered in up to 5 layers of roofing felt all stuck down with copious amounts of bitchumen, all of which needed to be peeled off before the new roof could be put on. This was mainly acheived with a small sharpened spade and lots of hard work. Most of the roof only came off in very small pieces but it seemd that as the temperature dropped at the end of the day it became a lot easier and came off much more easily. A couple of panels of wood under the roofing flet needed replacing due to water damage so these needed to be ripped up as well. All in all this took 6 1/2 hours just to clear the old roof!

The next day was spent puting on the new roof. Instead of more roofing felt and tar, Arthur`s Dad had chosen to use a large sheet of rubber instead. This is a system more commonly used on commercial buildings and is supposed to last a lot longer (at least 30 years as opposed to 10 to 15 years for roofing felt). Glueing the rubber sheet down was very straightforward, although it was important to make sure there were no lumps or sharp bits on the roof first! Providing the rubber sheet works well, Arthur will certainly consider using this system on his flat roof when it next needs replacing.

The only downside to all this was that Arthur now aches all over and is very tired; everytime he tried to get to sleep over the weekend all he could see was peeling roofing felt and had terrible trouble nodding off!

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Lost Season 3

 Friday 6 Oct 2006, 3:07 PM Lost Series 3

Hooray! It`s TV series download season again! After a few dry months, the new Season of TV shows in America has begun, which means Arthur leaving his PC on 24/7 to download all his favourites programmes which will take forever to appear here in the UK.

This week saw the start of series 3 of Lost (Series 2 literally just finished last week in the UK) and it was quite a good first episode, especially the opening scene showing The Others enjoying life in their island paradise before the plane comes down. The epsiode even kind-of answers a few questions (where do the Polar bears come from - The Dharma zoo of course!) as well as raising plenty of new ones and introducing some potentially great new locations for the series.

Arthur also downloaded Heroes and has watched the first episode. It is a series about ordinary people who, for some unknown reason, develop superpowers. Whilst the first episode has it`s high and low points, Arthur will definitely be watching more to see what happens.

Arhture also think that Battlestar Galactice series 3 has started as well this week but he is going to try a resist downloading it as it is a programme thaty really benefits from being seen ona big screen with good sound. Pus Sky will almost cetainly be showing it starting in the new year which isn`t too long to wait.

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