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Sore head

 Sunday 23 Dec 2007, 10:02 PM

At the rate Arthur is currently going, he`s going to be lucky to make it to Christmas day alive! He was miding his own business sitting at his computer and whilst waiting for a YouTube video of a classic Two Ronnies sketch to load, he decided to sort out a box of empty Pocky boxes near where he was sitting. He picked up the box and beagn to sift through them when suddenly he was hit in the side of the head by something very large and heavy!

Having swore lots at a very loud volume, he discovered a step ladder that had been leaning against a wall had toppled over having obviously disturbed when Arthur moved the box of Pocky a few seconds earlier.

Fortunately there was no blood but the Side of Arthur`s head swelled up and went very tender and red. The whole left and side of his face hurt from the impact too, including making all his teeth throb.

Arthur took some paracetamol, some nurofen and balanced a bag of frozen sweetcorn of the side of his head to reduce the pain.

Several hours later it still hurts but Arthur can at least open his mouth now (this bodes well for being able to eat Christmas dinner), Hopefully the swelling will have gone down enought that he can fit his hat from his Christmas cracker on his head too.

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Blood loss

 Tuesday 18 Dec 2007, 5:33 PM

So Arthur went for his blood test today but got a bit more than he bargained for. Actually to be more accurate he "lost" a bit more than he bargained for!

Upon visiting the nurse Arthur explained his recent phobia of needles and that he should be OK but just to take extra care. The nurse made some comment about "really going to town" on Arthur and he just thought she meant the number of different things they were testing for. It was only when Arthur noticed the nurse picking up mutliple blood test tubes that it finally clicked in Arthur`s head that more tests meant more blood. In fact he eneded up having 5 tubes worth taken!

Had Arthur known this in advance he would have been very nervous about going but as it was there was nothing to worry about at all - it only required one needle and the tubes were just swapped over and allowed to fill up. It was all pretty quick and Arthur didn`t even feel the tubes being changed. It was just a bit un-nerving seeing so much of his blood afterwards sitting on the side!

Still, Arthur had something to look forward to afterwards - the Farmers` Market in Wallingford. He`s not sure if cheese is good for replacing lost bllod but it certainly seemed to do the trick. The trip also served as a nice reminder of what a vilage of weird "local people" Wallingford is; as Arthur was walking to the market he passed a strange man who was calmly wandering down the street with a bag of frozen mixed veg on his head. Maybe he had mistaken it for his hat (which was currently languishing in the freezer). Or he had recently recieved a bump to the head. Arthur will probably never know...

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Stupid eyes

 Friday 14 Dec 2007, 6:12 PM

As if floaters in Arthur`s eyes weren`t enough of a problem, now something else has gone wrong.

For the past week Arthur had been noticing a small blurry patch off to one side in his left eye. Concentrating on it a bit more he relaised that this patch also matched a red blob that he could see when he blinked, just like when you look into a light for a long time and it burns into your vison, excpet that this blob was always there and never faded.

Arhtur decided the opticians was a good bet (he needed an eye test for work anyway so it was all paid for) and he`s somewhat glad he went as the optician said he had a "retinal haemhorrage" and made an appopintment for him at the emergency eye clinic that very afternoon (on the positive side the rest of his eyesight seemed fine).

The eye clinic didn`t really offer much more information other than the fact that a small blood vessel had burst and there was some blood inside the eye that should be absorped over the coming months. They were somwhat more concerned as to why it had happened and asked Arthur to go for a blood test at his GP as soon as possible (Arthur is glad he is better with needles than he used to be!) to test for various different things although high blood pressure seemed to be the most likely candidate.

So Arthur now just has to go for his test and then wait a month for the results and a return appointment to see if his eye is getting better. What a great Christmas treat...

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Sick and poo

 Wednesday 5 Dec 2007, 3:45 AM

Arthur has the poo plague. He spent yesterday afternoon at work feeling very nauseous and rushing off the the toilet on a regualr basis. He knew something was up when he realised it was 3pm and he still hadn`t felt like eating his lunch (his sandwiches are usually half gone by 11am!)

And yesterday evening was a brown water poo-fest. Arthur didn`t get any sleep that night he was shivering so violently with cold despite having his winter and summer duvets on the bed along with his favourite blanket. He also suffered somewhat from sleep deprivation and every time he closed his eveyes he had weird visions of Captain Adam on Battlestar Galactica with a giant stone tablet that contained a trapped demon!

Arthur eventually nodded off around the time he`d usually be waking up and awoke violently around luch time screaming "No! The demon!" having continued to be plagued by the Galactica demon even in his sleep. Arthur has since braved eating a small bowl of Weetabix and may push the boat out later on form a bowl of soup!

Still none of this was as bad as the year a friend infected Arthur and about 15 other people with a similar plague at a Christmas party - that year there was projectile vomiting and Arthur collapsed in his hall around 3am wrapped in a towl to keep warm as he was too weak to climb the stairs to bed!

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Complete Collections

 Monday 3 Dec 2007, 8:33 PM

Hooray! Today Arthur has completed several collections. Firstly he has just received a couple of the original Titan books Judge Dredd graphic novels meaning he now has the complete set of Judge Dredd Chronicles 1 - 27 along with all the specifically named books like The Apocalypse War, The Judge Child Quest and Judge Caligula amongst others. Arthur has been reading throuhg them all in sequnce but had to stop at book number 20 as he was missing number 21. Now that has arrived he can complete his reading! Still a few gaps to fill in his Rogue Tropper, Robo Hunter sets though before moving onto the more recent colour graphic novels.

Arhtur has also finally got issue number 3 of Cinefex (which deals with the stop motion animation of The Empire Strikes Back) which he purchased via eBay. This now means Arthur has a complete set all the way from issue number one to the current one, issue number 111. This is almost 28 years coverage of the use of special effects in cinema - and the magazine (although it seems more like a book it`s such high quality) is still going strong. Or at least Arthur assumes it`s still strong as it gets published every quarter even though they recently strated adding text to the covers. Still, it`s a great collection and reference for virtually every major genre film over the years. Arthur will have to start re-reading them all from the start...

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