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Garden Tidying

 Tuesday 30 Dec 2008, 6:18 PM My neighbours messy garden

Today I decided to once again begin the near fruitless task of tidying up my next door neighbour`s messy garden.

My neighbour is a pensioner (although only just) and seems to suffer from so many arthritus type ailments I`ve lost count. Thus her garden, both front and back, have never been tidy.

She lives in a council house which is looked after by the local housing association, Affinity, who are next to useless. They come and strim the front lawn (and I use the term losely - it`s more like a large patch of weeds that they keep udner control) and prune the hedge in the front of her house but that`s it. Nothing is done about the back.

And to make matters worse, a few years back, Affinity did a whole load of work tidying up these properties, adding new kitchens, bathrooms etc. and cl;earing out old junk where required. The problem was that they took all the rubbish fropm her house, dumped it in the back garden and never came back. I have tried complaining to them about this after I found a dead rat in my garden and spotted a fox in the jungle that had grown around the rubbish, but they just said the budget had been closed and the project completed and there was nothing they could do. Oh well, as long as their financial spreadsheet looks nice and tidy I suppose that`s all that matters.

Anyway, it got to the satge where it was growing above the level of my fence and the tress were getting oput of control. During the summer I cut back some of the trees but only now, once it had all died back a bit for the winter did I venture back to carry on. I flattened a lot of it and chopped some of the tress back to stumps. But there is just too much rubbish to make any real impact. I took the large appliances out the front ready for the council to collect - all but the fridge freezer and plactic TV were soon grabbed by scrap dealers roaming the streets on the look out for stuff to earn them a few quid.

I got stung by nettles several times, once to the face which wasn`t particularly nice. Plus when my neighbour came out to offer me some tea she said "do you realise you have blood dripping from your ear?" - I had managed to cut myself and not notice! Stupid thing wouldn`t stop bleeding either. I gave up trying to stop it in the end and just carried on with a big wadge (spelling? Is it even a real word!?) of toilet roll wrapped round my ear! At least it distracted me from the stinging sensation to the face.

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Christmas Stuff

 Monday 22 Dec 2008, 2:52 AM

So much for writing blog posts more often...

I seem to have slipped into apathy for pretty much everything of late, not helped by having a cold for the past 2 weeks (and counting) that has meant I am out of energy and really just want to sleep. As of tomorrow morning I will have my Christams shopping completed (normally it`s be sooner but I balme my mum for giving me the wrong code number for some lights I am getting my dad, and thus they had to go back, and I was only told the replacements had arrived later this afternoon.)

Haven`t been to the cinema for almost 2 months now either. OK, so there hasn`t been a lot on (mainly beacsue the studios delayed all their big films to fill a gap in the summer schedule next year caused by the writers strike) although I do want to see both The Cahngeling and The Day the Easrth Stood Still. Maybe Blu-Ray has finally killed off my desire for general cinema attendance - it is stressful knowing that I will have to put up with people yapping throughout the film (it has now transcended wondering "if" people will will spend the film talking to expecting it all the time). Plus prices seem to have gone up yet again. I was all excited about a new Vue cinema opening in Camberley with all digital projection and some 3D screens but their prices are even more ridiculous - you pay extra for it being a new cinema, extra for decent seats in the middle, extra for 3D screenings and extra for asults only (i.e. no screaming kids) screenings. This makes it ther same price as the IMAX in London!

Maybe I will get out over Christmas if I am not too stuffed full of food, especially as I am off work for 16 full days in a row now (hooray!)

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