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 Tuesday 28 Feb 2006, 4:30 PM

Well today is pancake day (also known as Jif lemon day and occasionally Shrove Tuesday by strange people who like to sing songs to some mystical man with a beard who floats in the sky and grants wishes once in a while). This means that tonight Arthur has pigged out on many, many pancakes. He even had 2 pans on the go to cook them in double quick time. Arthur sticks to the traditional sugar and lemon topping; if he wanted Maple syrup and ice cream on his pancakes he`d go and live in America and don`t even get him started on all those poncy savoury fillings. Saying that, Arthur also made a few apple fritters as well which basically consist of slices of apple dipped in pancake batter and fried as per a normal pancake (these too were topped with lemon and sugar).

After hogging somwhere in the region of 10 pancakes and 5 apple fritters, Arthur is now feeling very sick and has gone for a lie down on his comfy new bed in the vain hope that he will feel a bit better before Battlestar Galactica is on TV a bit later on.

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A new bed (and other furniture)

 Tuesday 28 Feb 2006, 12:43 AM

Arthur finally got his new bedroom furniture yesterday. It is made from Black Walnut (actually it`s a mixture of some solid walnut and veneered chipboard - the all real wood stuff cost almost 3 times the price!) and looks great. It is also very heavy and took Arthur all afternoon to assemble. He also got a luxury new king size mattress with 1800 firm pocket springs (Arthur does not like this creepy memory foam stuff; never trust a product where the advertisers insist on telling you that it is used by NASA). A new bed also required new bedding and Arthur went for a goose feather and down duvet that splits into 2 to give you various Tog ratings.

Duvets are a new experience for Arthur as he has always stuck to sheets and blankets before now. However trying to buy a new blanket these days is virtually impossible; you go into a shop and ask where the blankets are and the assistant just looks confused for a minute before telling you where the duvets are! It seems to be that the only place to find a blanket these days is on a hospital bed, in army barracks or draped over the knees of an old person in a wheelchair (and even then only if it has a chequered pattern on it).

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New Pocky and other snacks

 Sunday 26 Feb 2006, 2:37 PM

Today Arthur added 10 new Japanese snacks to his database, including a number of winter seasonal special flavours such as Pocky Cocoa, and Meji`s bamboo shoots flavoured with Horse Chestnut. Once Arthur has sampled these (he has quite a large backlog of snacks to get through) he will let you know what he thinks of each flavour. Depressingly, Glico have just released their new Spring time flavours of Pocky.

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Aeon Flux and new Ghibli

 Friday 24 Feb 2006, 7:39 PM Tales from Earthsea poster

Arthur went to see Aeon Flux at the cinema last night. Whilst Charlize Theron looked very nice (especially in her dress made ony out of beads that she wore in bed) there wasn`t really much else to recommend about this film. OK, so it did feature a large flying saucer type thing that was kind of like an airship (Arthur likes airships and any film featuring one automatically goes up in his estimation) but it was all rather predictable. The character with hands for feet was nice but more could have been made of this; Arthur is holding out for her to get her own film so everyone can see exactly what those hand/feet can really do...

On a more positive note, Studio Ghibli have released the first trailer for their new film Tales From Earthsea (known as Gedo Senki in Japan, which translates as something like The Deed of Ged). Having watched the trailer numerous times already in the past few hours, Arthur is already moist with excitement at the prospect of seeing this film, even though realistically it won`t appear in the UK for at least another 18 months. The trailer can be found in various locations across the internet, but Arthur suggests that (the most comprehensive Studio Ghibli fan site out there) would be a good place to start your search.

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The new look site

 Thursday 23 Feb 2006, 10:32 PM

Today Arthur launces his new look website. It contains most of the things from the old site plus some new features as well such as DVD/film reviews, Pocky and the ability to add your own comments to various items. And don't foregt the nice new look which is a bit tidier than the old site. Hopefully Arthur will be adding more stuff on a fairly regular basis and you can effortlessly keep up to date with the latest goings on by using the RSS feed. Arthur would also like to congratulate his friends TC and Debs on the arrival of their baby daughter Seren Marie a few days ago and add more congratulations to James and Janet on the announcement that they too will be having a baby (as yet un-named and without a website) in the not too distant future.

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A trip to the dentist

 Tuesday 21 Feb 2006, 10:04 PM

Arthur visited the dentist today to have a filling replaced, Unfortunately all did not go well as he had a rather nasty allergic reaction to the anaesthetic. He got a bright red rash all over and it felt like his skin was on fire! Fortunately it got better after 15 minutes with the help of the some allergy tablets. The dentist was excellent and even waived his fee (perhaps he felt guilty about causing so much distress to the genius inventor of the Cheesbrush). Arthur was ceratinly surprised at this as, for the first time ever, Arthur actually felt like a dentist had earned their money as was more than happy to pay. Instead Arthur offered to make a donation to the dentist`s favourite charity, so Cancer Research will be getting some extra funding sometime in the next few days.

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