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Gone and hopefully forgotten

 Sunday 22 Mar 2009, 3:34 PM

22nd March 2009 3:13am - Jade Goody is alive.

22nd March 2009 3:14am - Jade Goody dies.

22nd March 2009 3:15am - The gene pool in this country is several inches deeper than it was a few minutes ago.

That is all.

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 Thursday 19 Mar 2009, 8:39 PM

Yesterday I bought a filing cabinet as I got fed up of having different piles of unsorted papers all over the palce and never being able to find anything.

As first I`d tried to find a nice wooden cabinet which would be more inkeeoping with the home environment but the onl;y ones I could find were either small, cheap and nasty (2 drawers, thin chipboard for £50) or huge, luxurious and very expensive (4 drawers, solid wood for £550). There was nothing inbetween.

So I gave up and decided to go with a metal one. It was only when I got to Staples and started looking at waht was available that I realised just how big a standard office filing cabinet could be. They really are quite deep - way to deep for my little spare room where I wanted to keep it. Fortunately they also had some cheaper, smaller A4 cabinets that had just the right footprint. I could have got one with bright blue drawer fronts to contrast with the cream body and make it look a bit funkier (and probably blend into the modern home a bit better rather than looking like bland office furniture) but I stuck with the all cream version as the room is decorated in neytral colours anyway. They also had a "Buy 2 get One Free" offer on packs of 50 suspension files. I probably only needed 2 packs but wasn`t going to complain at getting a third for free.

And thus, having wrestled it up the stairs with some help from my lodger, I began filling it up with every piece of paper I own. And making all the little labels for each folder and deciding how to organise everything has been a very theraputic process which appeals to my autistic side!

One of the packs of suspension files is missing its little labels and plastic holders but a trip back to Staples at the weekend shopuld hopefully sort that (I just hope they don`t insist on me taking the entire box back).

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Bargain HD DVD

 Saturday 14 Mar 2009, 5:54 PM

OK, so HD DVD may be a dead format but there are baragins to be had. I just got Corpse Bride, Blood Diamond and Atonement for £3 each, which is cheaper than renting them! Might go back for a few more too (although some will be double dips for stuff I already have on plain old DVD, it seems like too goof an opportunity to miss).

Also picked up some spring loaded curtain poles to make some removable blackout blinds plus a nice book on Japanese special effects makeup (it has some nice pictures of creepy designs). And to finish off my shopping trip I got a few ingredients from Sainsburys (seems much more expensive than Morrisons to me) that are currently sat in the oven being transformed by the power of heat into a nice apple and almond cake (also 30 minutes of mixing prior to the oven in case you think I have a magic oven that does all the work for me)

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Wonderful Watchmen

 Wednesday 11 Mar 2009, 10:00 PM

Who watches the Watchmen? Well me actually.. twice!

I saw it on Saturday at the IMAX cinema in London near Waterloo and then again last night on the big screen at my local Vue.

OK, so it wasn`t a perfect film and it wasn`t a 100% faithful adapation of the comic, but then again it was never going to be. Personally I don`t think it could have been done any better, whoever the director. All the actors/actresses seemed pretty much spot on and the overall cold-war feel of the film was perfect. There was great use of music (always a big plus point for me as I find the soundtrack/score can easily make or break a film) and the effects work was of a high standard. OK, some of the old age makeup was a bit ropey and Nixon looked a bit too cartoon-like with his oversize nose (I`ve lookd at pictures of him online and I really don`t think he had that big a nose - why is it always enlarged so much when characterising him?)

But I really did enjoy it, which is why I went back to see it again so soon. And I expect I will be going again before the film disappears from cinemas completely. I have to say my favourite bit is the opening credits sequence showing a montage of events from the 40`s though to the 80`s when the film takes place, all to the tune of "The times they are a changing". This whole scene has been relased online to watch by the makers although it has just as quickly been pulled due to copyright complaints by Warner Brothers, which is a shame as it is such a great adevrt for the film. It can still be found online if you hunt around and I managed to download a copy for my viewing pleasure whenevr I want, which so far has been around 5 times just today! It really is that good. Zac Snyder deserves a big award or prize of some sort just for this sequence alone.

And talking of credits, I also really liked the IMAX end credits too. Not because anything happens in them but because they are very short with lots of information packed onto the screen at the same time (they don`t scroll, just flash up all the names in yellow text on a black background filling the screen like a slideshow). They last the length of the closing track (Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance) which is only 3 minutes long and I think the song works very nicely with the film and is short enough that you can can just sit there happily listening to it and digest the film you`ve just seen.

Unfortunately the end credits at the regular cinema are the usual long, dull scrolling affair and not half as nice and compact as the IMAX version (which was shortened due to limitaions on the amount of film the platters at IMAX cinemas can hold). Film makers take note - short, compact end credits are best! Learn from the goodness of Watchmen IMAX!

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