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Forbidden Fruit

 Thursday 4 Mar 2010, 9:13 PM

Actually it was anything but fruit - today I went for my first proper McDonalds in 4 years (although it may only be 3) during a day out in London. The last one I had was a McBreakfast one morning on the way to the Royal Brompton hospital for my first appointment about my allergy - I remember it was May 10th and It would have been 4 years ago (or maybe 3 - the years seem to blur into one these days).

Anyway, in the meantime I have had the odd mcFlurry but today was a proper "meal" (regualr sized, not super) consiting of McNuggets with BBQ sauce, fries and a vanilla shake (Hmmmmm.... I can still taste the boiled hooves....)

Some people are really down on McDonalds but I don`t particularly see the problem. Yeah the food isn`t brilliant but it`s fast food - it`s not supposed to be. And yeah, a lot of it isn`t exactly healthy, but in moderation it`s really not an issue (one meal every 4 years is fine! 4 times a week like some people do is most definitely not good)

Eating the occasional McD`s when out and about as part of a healthy balanced diet should not be a problem. I will stop now as I sound like a government public information film.

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