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Snow, Flickr and Pocky

 Sunday 6 Apr 2008, 9:48 AM Snow covered pot plants

Arthur woke up at around 8:30 this morning and got up to pop to the toilet expecting to go back to bed again for a couple of hours. But the discovery that it had snowed overnight changed all that! Not only was the snow totally unexpected (it had been a bit showery the day before but bright and sunny inbetween) but it was really rather good snow too - the best Arthur had seen in years at approximately 6 inches deep!

However time was ticking as Arthur could see it was already starting to melt, so he quickly got dressed and went out to make a nice big snowball. Unfortunately it wasn`t as big as he`d have liked it to be as his back garden isn;t that large, but it was still pretty good. Plkus the snow made that proper crunchy sound too as it was a bit wet and quite deep.

The other thing Arthur has done this week is to create a Flickr account and start popsting all sorts of photos there, including ones of the snow this morning and the snowball he made. A link to Arthir`s Flickr account can be found in the menu or go to He also found fame in the b3ta newsletter this week too with a scan of an leaflet that his brother sent him for a kids club called SPAAK! (Arthur just cannot work out who chose that name and why!)

And finally Arthur has spent some time cathcing up on his backlog of Pocky photo processing. They aren`t uploaded to the site yet as he wants to make some updates to allow users to view larger versions of thumbnails but at least he isn`t so far behind now having made 395 differnet phtoto files yesterday! Arrthur will soon be falling behind again though as he has a kitchen table covered in 2 deliveries of Japanese snacks ready to photograph and process with another delivery on its way!

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