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Banana Man

 Friday 30 Apr 2010, 6:10 PM

I was greeted by a rather strange sight on the cycle journey home today.

Heading towards the branch of ASDA near my work were a number of small yellow signs with various political messages on them the last one of which read "Wokingham goes Bananas!".

Then, lounging on the grass verge outside the Toby Carvery, was a man dressed from head to toe in bright yellow (possibly Lycra) with a large inflatable banana on his head and a big sign saying "Vote Owen!" (or something like that)

Looking on-line I think it was "Top Cat Owen" of, unsurprisingly, the Monster Raving Loony Party. He was causing quite a tailback too - the poor learner driver at the front of the queue had become quite flustered and was completely failing to pull out into the roundabout despite the fact it was clear. I just ignored the lot of the and sailed past!

He`s not actually in my borough so I can`t vote for him, not that I`d actually vote for him even if he was. Still, he got over 500 vites at the last election so somebody must like him. Or bananas. Or middle aged men in yellow Lycra...

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Stupid BBC

 Saturday 24 Apr 2010, 8:58 PM

Episode 4 of new new Doctor Who was great (as it should be coming from the best writer, featuring a great "new Who" monster and a great recurring side-character). The pre-titles sequence featuring River Song escaping from a space ship and leaving a message for The Doctor across time, was one of the best they`ve done I think. And the comedy element was perfect - it all came from the characters rather than resorting to silly slapstick style stuff which was more common in the RTD era (who long ago that feels!)

It`s just a shame that some idiot at the BBC added a stupid "coming next" animated graphic over the picture during the climactic scene. The BBC spend god knows how much on each episode with top quality effects work, then ruin their flagship show with a shitty cartoon Graham Norton poncing around. I predict there`s going to be lots of complaints.

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