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My eyes are working!

 Wednesday 20 May 2009, 8:42 PM

Today I had my 5 monthly follow up appointment at the eye hospital - 7 months after my last appointment (no surprise there then! And I even had to phone them up and chase an appointment - I would probably still be waiting if I hadn`t called them).

I had a nice early appointment - 8:45, whci, in theory, meant that I should be seen almost straight away. After all, how much delay can have built up by that time in the morning? As usual, the dealy was simply casued by the doctors not turning up until 9:15 but the nurses did their usual eye test, application of drops, trying to put local anaesthetics in my eyes becasue the set of notes where I they`ve actually recorded I have an allergy has gone walkabout agin etc. so I didn`t actually have to wait too long. And the good news was that they could no longer see any damage which pretty much ties up with what I can (or can`t) see - my vision is pretty much back to normal. I have too look quite hard to see and sort of coloured distortion in my field of vision now. They still have no idea what casued it so I have now been discharged with a "if anything odd happens get back to us" type of reminder.

As the eyes drops screwed up my vision, I took they day off work (there was no way I could focus on a computer screen until at least lunchtime) and, after a lie down in dark room for a while, spent the rest of the morning tidying rubbish from my and my neighbours back garden including a trip to the local tip. There was someone parked in front of the bay to dispose of rubble and hardcore who had a flat tyre and I almost helped him out fixing it so I could save myself a bit of effort by parking in his spot but I noticed he was a BMW driver so it gave me far more pleasure to unload my car and watch him struggle with the car jack by himself! Ah, the simple pleasures in life!

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Lounge Film Festival

 Monday 11 May 2009, 7:40 PM

Last weekend was this year’s sci-fi London film festival. And for the first time in about 5 years I didn`t attend at all! Last year I went to see various films during the day on the Friday and Saturday but skipped the all nighters as they either weren`t very inspiring or I had seen them all recently (the anime was a great line-up but I had them all on DVD). This year the line-up was more disappointing and, whilst there were films I would have liked to have seen, they were spread out over different days or on at obscure times. And the anime line, whilst OK, wasn`t that special plus I had seen some of them already. Thus, with the increased cost, I, along with all the usual people I went with, decided not to go this year. It was rather disappointing not to go and I sure I would have enjoyed the anime had I gone, but without anyone else wanting to go either it probably wasn`t worth it.

However I then had a good idea - why not have a mini festival in my living room of films we all did want to see? Sure I wouldn`t be able to get some pre-release titles but the video projection quality would probably be just as good if not better(!), plus we could have it during the day, thus removing the need for sleep deprivation. So, a quick vote for a date and a crude vote for a selection of films and it was all set for yesterday at 12pm running for approx 10 - 12 hours.

I stocked up on pizza, ice cream, creme eggs, pocky, pringles and alike and between 3 - 5 of us (depending on who arrived and left at particular times) settled down to watch Timecrimes, Dragon Wars, Storm Riders - Clash of Evils, Mr Vampire 4 and REC (which only arrived in the post that morning, just in time!) with a few short animated films from Fears of the Dark in between plus an attempt to watch some other shorts on YouTube via the Wii which, due to poor, out of sync sound was abandoned in favour of videos of sea creatures attacking each other!

There were no bad films in the mix (although some were so bad they were funny) and all were enjoyed. Only the last, REC, was scary - there was one bit that made all of us jump - I think several people actually left the sofa! Storm Riders was typical crazy anime that was difficult to follow but still enjoyable, Timcrimes was a bit disappointing in that it was a simple time travel films that was actually possible to follow and made sense (well at least as much as any time travel film ever makes sense!). Mr Valpire 4 was, after a bit of setting up to get the nasty, non-anamporpihc picture to fill the screen, still as bonkers as ever (it has a special place in my heart as the first Hong Kong film I ever saw and what got me started with my current oriental viewing habbits). And Sragon Wars was just plain bad but hilariously so. Clearly a lot of money was spent of special effect - they looked great. But the story, script, plot,a cting editing - everything else was terrible!

Piza was eaten and the room got a bit hot and steamy (but not so hot that I had to use the air conditioner I had borrowed from my parents) but it all worked really well. And I expect a similar event will happen again sometime soon-ish (but not too soon - having one every other weekend will take the fun out of it!) Theera re loads of good films coming out in the bext few months so I can see a late summer event being scheduled sometime soon.

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