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BBQ as last

 Thursday 20 May 2010, 9:42 PM

Tonight was first BBQ of the year (at least that I`ve cooked), although it almost didn`t happen.

After cleaning off all the usual rust, mould and old food debris from last year`s BBQ season, I set about the final stage of the cleaning process which was to burn off whatever crap was left. Unfortunately the gas regulator refused to go onto the gas bottle properly. After a bit of swearing, a squirt of WD40 and a few whacks with a hammer it eventually went onto the bottle. Unfortunately it then refused to come off again which wouldn`t have been so bad had I not just attached it to a empty gas bottle fearing tat it may not be 100% safe due to the aforementioned bashing with a hammer (I have a smaller gas cylinder that is full for when the main one runs out)

Cue even more swearing, more lubrication with various oils and sprays, leverage with several sizes of spanner, more beating with a hammer and alike. And it still wouldn`t budge.

I`d kind of resigned to the fact I was going to have to return the empty gas bottle with the regulator stuck on top and just buy a new one when I discovered that even disconnecting the regulator from the gas pipe was a complete nightmare - even having undone the jubilee clip it refused to budge, so I gave up on that and went back to beating it and swearing some more in the hope it would eventually release itself.

And fortunately it did! Hooray for using physical violence to solve problems!

In fact I realised that the gas supply lever needed to be pushed in to release the regulator and it was this part of the mechanism that was stuck, so once I concentrated by hammer assault on that, it came off pretty quickly. I then gave it a good clean and some oil to help keep myself from getting into the same predicament again and then it was onto the grilling of meat which had by now had plenty of time to defrost. Sausages, pork loin in sticky Nandos sauce, piri piri chicken, vegetable kebab.... hmmmmmmm....

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