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Fat Sauce

 Saturday 28 Jun 2008, 9:22 AM

Grrrrr. Arthur has just got back from shopping at Sainsburys to stock up on his favourite Fruity Brown sauce only to deiscover that, once again, they have modified the recipe and made it even unhealthier!

It was only 2 years ago that they previously modified it and, in the process, added more vinegar and less tomatoes thus increasin the calories by around 15% (Arthur has no evisdence but recalls it was arounf that figure). This time the tomato/vinegar balance has swung back the other way but sugar is up and so are the calories again - increasing by another 22%!

So much for Sainsburys "good for you" ideals and advertising. Buch of fucking crap if you ask Arthur! Still it`s his favourite sauce that he can`t live without. Arthur just hopes the "improved recipe" actually taste better this time. Maybe then he can forgive the increase in unhealthiness.

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Tropic Thunder Preview

 Saturday 21 Jun 2008, 9:33 AM Tropic Thunder Teaser Poster with Robert Downey Jr

Last night Arthur got to see a free test screening of the film Tropic Thuder. He had gone to the cinema the previous Friday to see The Happening and was acosted by some bloke giving out preview screening tickets for market research purposes. Arthur was actually outside the required target audience age bracket but was advised to lie to get in. This Arthur duly did and, one week later was sitting in the biggest screen at his local cinema packed with laods of other people, some of whom had clearly also lied about their age.

Security was tight as the film isn`t due for release in the UK until September and the US in August. Everyone had a bag search and all mobile phones had to be given in (whilst Arthur could have gone for the "invasion of civil liberites" argument, it was actually nice knowing there wasn`t going to be some twat on their phone or texting their friends the entire film). There were also infra red cameras recording the audience and guards with night vision goggles! Waht was even more off was that the cinemas lights were all turned fully on instead of the usual atmospheric lighting. The place looked really weird; the colours were all wrong! The walls were a really bright purple!

And as a further added bonus, whilst Arthur was sitting waiting for the film to start he was targeted by one of the researchers to stay behind at the end for a discussion about the film for which he would get a £5 cinema voucher. Unfortunately Arthur made the slight mistake of sticking his name nadge for this after film chat to his wallet for the duration of the film - when he peeled it off it left a really nasty sticky residue which still hasn`t come off properly even after a good scrib with white spirit.

The film, about a group of prima-donna actors who are dumped in the jungle thinking they are making a film when in fact the war they are fighting is real, was very funny - a black comedy with plenty of bad taste humour . If anything Arthur was expecting it to go a bit futher than it did but was proably already pushing the limits for a mainstream audience. The best character was played by Robert Donwney Jr - a serious method actor who had undergone plastic surgery to become a black soldier. The other 2 main stars were Jack Black and Ben Stiller but ti also featured loads of cameo performances from Matthew McConaughey, Nick Nolte, Steve Coogan and even Tom Cruise in a bizarre role that featured so much makeup half the discussion group hadn`t realised it was him until the end credits (personally Arthur thought they must have been blind). Definitely worht seeing when it comes out.

And the final added bonus was that it was all shown on a sparkly new digital projector installed that very day. The bad news was that it was only for that test screening and was being taken out afterwards. Nooooooo! It looked so nice! Arthur had had doubts that digital projection would look good on such a big scren but it worked just fine. Hopefully the cinema management got to see it and will get round to installing a permanant one sometime soon.

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Splodge Rescue

 Monday 2 Jun 2008, 4:13 AM Splodge the cat on a shed

Argur has spent a lot of the weekend in the garden. He started off weeding on of his flowerbeds. He`s not exactly sure what`s going there instead of weeds but as least it looks a lot tidier than it used to!

There was also a spot of BBQing and it was around this time that Arthur had to rescue his next door neighbours cat, Splodge, from the roof of his shed. Splodge the cat had become frightened when a large dog came to visit so had sought sanctauary somewhere up high. Unforyunatelyt Splodge is an old cat and has bad Arthritus so, once on the shed, was unable to get down. This Arthur has to rescue her and take her home. Unfortunately, Splodge has now decided she quite likes it up there and has gone back on a couple more occasions and has tgus needed rescuing on each occasion! Arthur suspects the "Splodge rescue" will become part of his nightly routine along with locking the house and brushing his teeth. He certainly doesn`t want to find the cat up there dead one day - it would be rather smelly and would be a right pain to get down! Not to metion slightly creepy!

Finally Arrthur is also on tree prunign duty. One of his neighbours used to have a *huge* sycamore tree but had it cut down becasue they got fed up of having to dig up all the baby sycamore three that sprung up each year. Unfortunately Arthur`s other neighbours were not so careful and let the little tress grow out of control and now they desperatly need to be sorted before it is too late. Thus Arthur is doing what he can to prune them back and, if possible cut them down althogther (all with his neighbours permisson of course). But it`s all a bit tricky given that some of these trees are as tall as a house! Still, it`s not going too bacdly so far thanks to an rather excellent telescopic lopper that Arthur borrowed from his dad. The only hiccup has been finding a birds nest full of eggs which bought things to a bit of an abrupt halt!

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