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Transformers 2

 Thursday 25 Jun 2009, 2:42 AM

I enjoyed the first Transformers film. OK, it had its faults but in general it worked pretty well. Big robots, fighting, explosions - what wasn`t there to like?

However, if you didn`t like the first film or were a bit "meh" about it, then I certainly wouldn`t even think about gping to see the sequal in the hope that they fixed the not-so-ggod things about the first film.

It`s like the looked at the first one and took all of the stuff that worked and put it in one box then all of the stuff that didn`t work and put it in another box. Unfortunately they then picked up the wrong box when deciding what to put into the sequel! Terrible humour? Actions scenes shot way to close? Stupidly fast editing to make things seem more exciting? Long, drawn out scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with the plot or characters? Loads more pointless Transformers all of which look near identical? Story that seems to be made up as you go along to jopin up some pre-designed action sequences? Yup - the sequel has them all.

Saying that it would be interesting to see the IMAX version, several scenes of which were shot in the full IMAX format like Dark Knight last year. They supposedly look spectacular. I would also think it might help solve the problem of placing the camera too close to the action so you can`t tell what is going on - with the extra height of the IMAX screen it might make things feel more open. Unfortunately a big screen cannot help with the terrible story, script, characters, trashy dialogue etc.

There was one good action scene in the whole film showing a fight in a forest. It felt like it had been shot buy a different director/cameraman/editor. The camera was a lot further back, didn`t move around as much and it wasn`t edited in half second bursts, thus you could actually see what was going on. And it worked so much better. If only the rest of the film had been like this.

In summary: poo with the odd laugh and odd bit of exciting action. Who would have thought giant robots, fighting and explosions could be so dull?

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A Cheesy ray of light!

 Monday 22 Jun 2009, 12:51 PM

Phew! A quick email to the cheese man has confirmed that he was only absent from the farmers market this month and he intends to be there again in the future (although he said it would be best to call and check first).

His email did seem to imply that he may be thinking about giving up coming this far south through - I shall have to buy more to make it worth his while!

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Cheese tragedy!

 Tuesday 16 Jun 2009, 10:21 AM

I thought my extended weekend was going to well....

Went to the farmer`s market today (had yesterday off to recover from Download and took today off as well to get my some nice farm goods) only to discover that the cheese man wasn`t there!

Even worse, other stallholders seemed to think that he was never coming back as takings had been a bit low recently. Nooooo! This is not good news. Now I have to work out where I can find him. Or buy lots online which isn`t exactly ideal (and not cheap either!)

Still, I can live in hope that it was a one off - I shall email him and ask what was going on. In the meantime I have to console myslef with BBQ luxury sausages tonight.

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Download Festival

 Sunday 14 Jun 2009, 9:11 AM

For the first time ever I went ot a music festival that wasn`t the Reading Festival. Due to my unholy fear of camping (I like to be vaguely clean and like a good nights sleep in my own bed) it was only for the day, although I think the entire weekend lineup was really good (better then Reading this year at least).

I drove up there with some friends, over a 2 hour journey leaving at 8am (actaully later because women can just never be ready on time!). Parking was easy and it was a bit of the walk to the site itsel;f but this was to be expected.

The first few bands I`d never heard of and were fine to listen to. Dragonforce were great in a chessy 80`s kind of way with lots of tight bleached denim, frizzy hair and one guy with a guitar-style keyboard. Very camp and great fun to watch.

Next up were pendulumn who, despite the fact I haven`t been that into their music (although I like the latest album more) were really good live. They definitely owe a lot to The Prodigy (something they hapily admit by thanking them on stage and performing bits of their version of Voodoo people) and I would hapily go to see them again.

Marilyn Manson on thenmother hand wasn`t very good. The songs were done well enough but there was no atmosphere, no crowd interaction. He cames across as an utter, arrogant cock (between each song everything went dead whilst his entourage ran on stage to sponge him down, give him some new item of wardrobe and adjust his makeup) - it seemed to all be about making him feel important rather than entertaining the audience.

And then came the reason I went in the first place, The Prodigy headlining the second stage. Had to leave Marilyn Manson to get there to see them (no big loss in the end)as it was really packed and was definitely worth it. The stuff from the new album sounded really good live.

Finally came Slipknot who, whilst not my cup of tea, put on a good show with some flames and other pyrpotechnics. Again, a good atmosphere.

After it was all over there was the long walk back to the car and an even longer queue to get out of the car park (about 1 1/4 hours as I recall!). Then they took you on a 10 mile diversion to naviagte round the local roads! I got home just after 3am I think - not too sure as I was runing on Jelly beans at that point!

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