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Bike bits (and the return of the cat)

 Monday 28 Jul 2008, 4:24 AM

Arthur got some new bits for his bike over the weekend. Some new pedals (again) after the old ones started to go. Once again the bearing in the right pedal started making some funny noises and Arthur could see that it wouldn`t spin completely freely. Arthur tried dismantling it but just made the problem worse as the ballbearings started binding on each other and wouldn`t turn at all. Thus it was new pedal time yet again (5th or 6th time in 9/10 years... grr.....)

Plus a new chain was called for as his lodger determined it was a bit worn/lose/stretched (or all of the above). Not really that surprising since it had never been replaced though. Still, Arthur was pleasantly surprised at how cheap a new chain was - only £8, although he was no idea how long it will last of course.

But at least his bike was stopped making nasty plinky, graunchy noises when he pedals. Everything is running very smoothly now although there might be the occasional odd noise from the same sort of area, possibly the main pedals bearing needing replacing (Arthur thinks this is called the bottom bracket?)

And earlier this evening just after Arthur had finisehd BBQing some nice piri-piri chicken wrapped in bacon, who should turn up again licking his lips? Yes, the evil sausage stealing cat was back having once again smelt nice food. Arthur quickly covered things up this time and chased him off with a stream of expeltives which he somewhat regrets as his neighbours were sitting in their garden having a nice peaceful chat at the time.

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The Dark Knight

 Saturday 26 Jul 2008, 4:05 AM

So yesterday Arthur went into London to see The Dark Knight on the nice big IMAX screen at Waterloo.

Arhtur has been looking forward to this film for ages - in fact ever since the closing scene of Batman Begins which left him rabid for more. Watching this film definitely deserved the best so the IAMX cinema was a bit of a no-brainer. And the hype and excellent reviews only upped Arthur`s expectations even higher. Saying that Arthur had his ticket booked a goof 3 or 4 weeks before actually seeing the film. And a good thing too as the cinema was totally sold out on its opening week even thiugh there were showings 24 hours a day!

So, after a brief stint of comic shopping (slightly spoiled by the fact that the one shop Arthur wanted to visit, Orbital Comics, was closed due to a power cut), he joined about 400 other people in the cinema to watch what had already become an "event film" - something everyone just has to see becasue it is so well regarded. Was the film any good - yes it was. Probably the best film of the year so far (maybe The Mist was better). Was it perfect - no (unfortunately). Arghur thinks it tried to cram just a bit too much into it and was therefore a biot too long (not that it ever felt liong or boring, it was just more than was needed). The only time it ever ventured into silliness was right at the end with some technical mumbo-jumbo which just wasn`t needed - maybe they just got tired of good script writing by the end?

As for the IMAX footage (parts of the film were shot using full IMAX cameras to take advantage of the full screen and better picture quality) it really was breathtaking to see; it was so crystal clear and razor sharp - like the difference between DVD and Hi-Def. And the picture was not far off double the size. In reality onyl 3 full scenes were shot using IMAX. Then there were loads of odd shots throughout the film which sometimes seemed a bit odd but mostly they worked and in general looked so sexy Arthur didn`t really care. The shots flying over Hong Kong made Arthur fell like he was really there.

The only other minor downside to the day were the over-enthusiastic fanboys (why does Arthur always end up sitiing near these people?) who insisted on laughing hysterically at everything Heath Ledger /The Joker did: "Oh look, The Joker just blinked, what an amazing performance, I must now force myslef to bray like a hysterical hyena so everyone pays attentionm to me". And the less said about the fat American sat next to Arthur who couldn`t breath without grunting, the better. The guy was literally snoring whilst awake! Arthur had to keep subtly nudging him to get him to adjust his seating position so he`d shut up. If someone is talking Arthur is perectly happy to ask them to shut up. This was slightly different as asking someone to stop breathing is a bit of a tall order!

Arhtur will definitelty see it again to see if the IMAX footage looks as good at a regular cinema. And to (hipefully) listen to the film without someone grunting in his right ear for 2 and a half hours.

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eBay bits

 Friday 25 Jul 2008, 4:34 AM

It was new poster time again today, as Arthur found some goodies to buy on eBay. This time he has got a Little Shop of Horrors US 1 Sheet (Style A), plus some nice UK Quads for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Sword and the Soreceror, Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack and Empire of the Ants.

With the exception of Little Shop of Horrors, none of these films rate particualarly highly on Arthur`s "best films ever" list. In fact Arthur hasn`t even seen at least one of them! But they all have really nice, proper poster artwork. i.e. art that is painted or drawn, not some hideous modern photoshop monstrosity with no soul or character. 3 have gone into frames arounf dhis house and thee rest into storage (after being admired on the living room floor for a few days) and will be rotated into the famres in the future when Arthur fancies a bit of a chnage. Or when he buys some new frames whoch, until he can find some half decent frames that cost somewhat less than £100, could be some time away (big poster size frames just don`t seem to exist in regular shops so custom made seems to be the only way to go which is, of course, expensive)

Arhtur also got an original Ro-Busters book and edged just that little bit closer to completing his 2000AD Titan books collection. Plus he has also had a good selection of stuff to read read/look at the pictures having bought new graphic novels for Usagi Yojimbo, marvel Zombies, Walking Dead and a couple of thick volumes of popular manga Battle Royale. And there are 3 more violumes of Marvel Zombies on their way along with The Watchmen (inspired by the recent trailer) and The Art of Kung Fu Panda (Pandas are always great!)

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Fucking Evil Cat

 Wednesday 16 Jul 2008, 9:10 AM A not-so-hungry-any-more black cat

Arthur went to the farmers market yesterday and got his usual selction of cheese and sausages. And in the evening it was perfect weather for BBQing the aforementioned sausages. As usual he cooked a few extra (they are great in sandwhiches) and left them out on the side.

Readers with an IQ greater than their shoes size will be able to tell what`s coming...

A bit later on Arthur came downstairs to get a drink whilsts playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and found his next door neighbours cat, Splodge, in his house - Arthur had left the back door open as it was a warm night and Splodge has recently been getting stuck in Arthur`s garden due to and combination of high fences and cat arthritus...

Anyway, Arthur evicted Splodge with little difficulty but a bit later heard the tinkling of a little bell, just like would be found on a cat collar. Arthur went downstairs again expecting to find Splodge wandering his living room but there was no cat to be seen. As Arthur went into the kitchen he noticed his plate of luxury sausages seemed a few sausages short. And then he spotted the evil back cat sitting atop his shed licking his lips along with a half eaten Welsh Dragon sausage on the floor! The little fucker had made off with 3 whole sausages! Arthur only had that many for his tea and Arthur is a good deal larger than a cat!

The cat was immediately chased off and Arthur washed his remaining sausages as the little cunt had probably licked the others as well (Arthur wasn`t going to throw them away as he didn`t want to give the cat the satisfaction of having the last laugh).

Arthur hopes the cat was really sick especially as the Welsh Dragon sausages are quite spicy. Now Arthur will have to go and get some more - the same company also visit another local market at the weekend which is easier to get to so it will probably be worth another trip.

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Weekend of Goodness!

 Friday 4 Jul 2008, 4:54 AM

Arthur all exicted... can`t talk properly....weekend of goodness approaching!

Tonight is The Mist at the cinema, supposedly a very good Cthulhu-esque horror film by Frank Darabont of Shawshank Redemption fame (Arhtu ris just hoping the fact it is written by Stephen King doesn`t ruin it as all Stephen King horror films seem stuck in the 80`s with their "try and be scary by showing surreal crap like laughing clowns at odd camera angles" approach)

Then tomorrow afternoon is Kung Fu Panda at the cinema (Arthur likes Pandas, whether they be robot or ninja based! Or even just plain old regular pandas!)

And it all finishes up with the Dr Who series 4 finale in the evening - it`s going to have to be a really, really shit episode to convince Arthur that this series is anything but the best series of nu-Who to date.

And to make the day go by even better, Arthur has his favourite American Hot pizza from Asda and several tubs of Haagen Dazs (Strawberry Cheesecake and new choc chip cookie dough) to eat as well! Fantastic!

And even after all that, Sunday is still free for something really good to happen too! Although in all reality it will probably just end up involving lots of sleep and feeling sick from eating too much pizza and ice cream...

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