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Opal Fruit-tastic

 Thursday 28 Aug 2008, 3:37 AM

Courtesy of ASDA and some bargain prices, Arthur got a whole box full of tubes of genuine Opal fruits. They were only 10 pence a tube so it would have been almost rude not to buy any.

Unfortunately, the sealed carton confused the trainee girl at the checkout - the barcode on the side of the box wouldn`t scan (unsurprising as they weren`t meant to be sold by the box!) and she needed some convincing that selling them as individual tubes was OK. Even then she insisted on counting the number of packets inside, despite the fact it said in big letters on the previously sealed box "contains 45 packets".

With all those Opal Fruits making his mouth water, Arthur is probably going to have to buy a bib to keep himslef dry.

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Festival or no Festival?

 Saturday 23 Aug 2008, 9:29 AM

Arthur was due to visit the Reading Festival on Friday but at the last minute decided not to go. This was because a) there were lots of hassles this year with tickets due to numerous dodgy online sites selling tickets but not actually delivering. This left thousands of people chasing for the last available tickets for sale (whether they be weekend or day tickets) with reports of people standing in huge queues for over 12 hours on Thursday along with fights and crushes just to stand a chance of getting in.

And b) it rained lots on Thursday night and Arthur decided it would be rather mussdy and spending the day ankle deep in grime is not really Arthur`s cup of tea (Arthur really isn`t an outdoors type person - he will cope sitting in a field if it is resonable wether, although not too sunny beuacuse he doesn`t like heat either(!) but 15 hours in the rain and mud is not his idea of fun)

As it turned out, he has been told that it wasn`t too muddy at all but Queens of the Stoneage (a band Arthur wanted to see) weren`t very good, so maybe he didn`t miss too much. Arhtur wanted to see Rage against the Machine too and was hoping to see some on the TV coverage but it seems they asked not to be filmed or something like that - probably something to do with some political statement or the other. Arthur ended up watching a few blurry mobile phone videos of it on YouTube instead.

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Pushing Daisies

 Tuesday 5 Aug 2008, 3:57 AM Pushing Daisies

Arthur has a new favourite TV series at the moment - Pushing Daisies.

He knew about it when it was on TV and thought it looked interesting from the trialers but missed the first episode when it was on so never quite got round to watching all of it (his enthusiasm also waned for weatching it properly when he discovered ITV had decided to miss out an episdoe so it would fit in their schedule a bit better).

Thus Arthur ended up borrowing the DVD and it has become his teatime viewing over the past few nights. And what a great series it is. Whilst bright and colourful and very cheery looking the humour is very dark and quirky, dealing with death and bringing people back to life (no point in going into details here - there are plenty of better sites out there that tell you the plot). It definitely has a Tim Burton-esque feel to it, which In Arthur`s book, is a good thing; Edwars Scissorhands is probably the best comparison Arthur can make. Also having Eleen Greene, who played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (one of Arthur`s favourite ever films) in a supporting role, is an added bonus - her strange squeaky/whisper voice suits her charcater perfectly.

Arthut is only 4 episodes into it so far but it just keeps getting better and better. It`s only 9 episodes long so hopefully it won`t run out of steam. It would also seem there is a second series in the works so Arthur just hopes it won`t become stale or a one joke show.

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The last Texan

 Sunday 3 Aug 2008, 1:19 PM The last Texan bar Arthur will ever eat (probably)

Whilst today has seen the happy rebirth of a product Arthur thought he`d seen the last of, it has also seen the final demise of an even greater product - the Texan bar.

Arthur had been saving his last Texan bar for a special occasion but time had passed and he hadn`t really found such a momentous event that he wanted to celebrate with chocolate. And his last ever TYexan bar was beginning to fell a bit squishy in all this hot wetaher. And thus Arthur decided to just eat it.

It wasn`t the best sample as the chewey filling had leaked out inside the pack plus its age had dulled the flavout a bit. But that first mouthful was still great. Then, 2 mouthfuls later and a moderate amount of savoring and chewing, it was all over; the last Texan bar Arthur would every eat (probably) was gone forever.

Arthur has some good memories during the product`s relaunch a few years back and he thinks he ended up eating about 5 boxes full during that time. Hopefully they will be back again at some point in the future. Now Arthur just has to wait patiently for the marathon to reappear. All good things come to those who wait...

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 Sunday 3 Aug 2008, 5:49 AM Some SR tootpaste

Arthur was in Morrisons today and decided to look to see what toothpaste was on special offer this week as he was running out and he still hasn`t found anything he likes as much as good old SR (although Colgate Oxygen comes close).

But as Arthur was sleepily browsing the toothpaste selection image his surprise when he spotted a nice stack of SR tootpaste, something he hasn`t seen in a shop for a year! Arthur physically yelped with delight much to the surprise of the other shoppers around him who don`t normally see such levels of excitemnt in the tootpaste aisle in their local supermarket. Arhtur scooped up 5 tubes and continued his otherwise dull shop.

On getting it home he compared it to the last old empty tube he had left (Arthur was going to photograph it for posterity at some point to mourn its passing) and the only difference he could see was that the new tubes no longer had the British Dental Assosiation recommendation on them. Instead it had the FDI logo - World Dental Federation (how of earth they get the acronym FDI from "World Dental Federtation Arthur just cannot work out!)

Whether this is good news Arthur cannot tell - is SR frowned upon by the BDA for some reason? Still as long as it tastes nice. And Arthur`s teeth not falling out would also be a bonus.

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