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Healthy Eating

 Tuesday 31 Aug 2010, 7:54 PM

Today I decided to start eating a bit more healthily, mainly driven by 2 key factors a) the fact that Ben and Jerrys ice cream was no longer half price in Morrisons and b) my tomatoes in the garden were ripening and I had to do something with them (i.e. eat them) rather than just let them rot.

And my first healthy eating meal was very nice - some BBQ Piri piri chicken with a load of salad-type stuff.

Unfortunatley, I then went out and on the way back popped into Morrisons for a few bits and pieces where, starring longingly at the now expensive again Ben and Jerrys, I suddenly remembered the craving I`d had over the weekend for scones with strawberry jam and fresh cream. My resolve immediately crumbled and I was soon on my way home with 8 large scones, some whipping cream and some jam (at least the jam was 25% less sugar).

So, there you have it. My end of summer healthy eating campaign lasted approximately 90 minutes. I think the phrase the young people would use is "Epic Fail". On the plus side, they taste really good!

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