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Blocked Drains

 Wednesday 26 Sep 2007, 8:10 PM

Arthur awoke this morning to find the shared drain at the back of his house was blocked again. It had been over 2 years since it had last happened but was still a pain in the arse (literally for Arthur as he was desperate for a poo).

He chekced with the neighbours to see if their drain was blocked, as has been the case in the past, but it was not. Thus the blockage had to be somehere in the pipe on Arthu`s property. Fortunately, Arthur had a stroke of good luck and recalled that he had been given 3 months free emergency plumbing cover by Thames Water - he chekced his letter and discovered it was due to expire at the end of the day! Excellent timing!

A quick call to the emergency hotline and a plumber was arranged to come out (Arthur popped into work whilst he was waiting, mainly so he could have the poo he had so depsperately been holding in all morning).

The blockage was cleared easily but to Arthur`s dismay it was back again when he got home from work later on in the day. He tried his free drain care service again but they couldn`t make it out until the next day and Arthur, not fancying the prospect of another night and morning clenching his bowels, decided to put the old adage "if you want something doing, do it yourself" into action and dug out his drain rods and cleard the blockage himslef. Typically it was a more difficult blockage to clear than the first one in the morning that the professionals had dealt with, but Arthur got it done so at least he could use his toilet again.

He also called Thames Water to get them to send leaflets to other houses on the same drain as Arthur saw all sorts of rubbish in his manhole such as nappies and packaing. Fucking dumb chavs up the road think they can just shove anything down the loo. Just remember the 3 P`s - Poo, paper and piss!

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Stupid Ntl/Virgin...

 Tuesday 25 Sep 2007, 11:53 PM

Ntl/Virgin make a big deal about their fabulous On Demand TV service and then decide it would be a really good idea to only have episode 2 of the new series of Sarah Jane Adventures available and skip episode 1. Genius. There are plenty of older Dr WHo fans who want to see this series, including Arthur, who can`t make it home in time from are hard days work to catch it on CBBC and they rely on Ntl/Virgin to get things right.

Fortunately Arthur has the option to fall back on good old reliable BitTorent. And these stupid companies wonder why internet downloads are so popular! Arthur has now downloaded episode 1 to make up for their incompetence and watched epsiode 2 via On Demand and the series is just as good as he expected it to be; basically a slightly more kiddy-ised version fo Dr Who. It actually has some depper moments with Sarah Jane whistfully remmembering her old friend The Doctor and some not so sublte digs at the government. Arthur is surprised Russel T Davis hasn`t managed to get a gay reference or 2 in there... Anyway, definitely worth watching if you`re a Who fan. And definitely better than Torchwood.

Whilst Arthur was hunting around the BitTorrent network he also just happened to grab the first episode of the new season of Heroes as well (it seemed rude not to whilst he was there!). It wasn`t as good as he expected it would be - it was mostly referecnes and characters from the previous series which Arthur seems to recall is what the makers said they wouldn`t be doing (they said it would be mostly new charcaters and stories). Still it was enjoyable enough with the start of some possibly good storylines set up. Although Arthur really wasn`t sure about the whole "Hiro in Japan meets some cocky Engligh bloke" bit...

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A Pointless Post

 Saturday 22 Sep 2007, 8:58 PM

Arthur hadn`t planned on making a post today but had the sudden urge when, as sitting at his computer, the first fireworks of the season were let off in the road by the local chavs. Hopefully at least one of them has lost a hand, eye or other vital organ. If Arthur was really lucky they`d be dead but he suspects that`s a bit much to hope for. Unlike the poor kitty that was dumped at the end of Arthur`s drive during the week, that definitely was dead.

Unsurprisingly the dead cat was chav related too as Arthur had gone to bed the night before listening to a gang of them yelling about how one of them had just run over a cat and how they needed a broomstick to scrape it off their car (actually it was more like how one of them had "just fucking run over a fucking cat and fucking needed a fucking broom to fucking scrape it off his fucking car").

Fortunately the local council were, for once, very helpful and a very kind, polite lady arranged for someone to come and colect the cat and take it to a vet to see if it had been tagged and the owner could be found. By the time Arthur had got home from work that day the cat had gone but there were a large number of sticks of varying descriptions littering the area which presumably had benn used by other local chavy kids to prod the aforementioned cat corpse all day.

Actually Arthur is being somewhat unfair towards the local kids; His doorbell went as he was getting ready for work that morning and it was a girl on her way to school who had found the cat before Arthutr and who wanted to let him know it was there and if he knew who it could belong too. She was very nice and polite, especially condisdering the fact she had to cope with the sight of Arthur answering the door first thing in the morning in his underwear....

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A relaxing day off?

 Tuesday 18 Sep 2007, 7:34 PM

Arthur has had a few days off work and spent yesterday catching up on a few odd job such as getting an MOT for his car (it passed first time - hooray!). Later on he went off to London for a day out and did the rounds of the usual comic shops plus a few other shops palces he doesn`t visit that often. Unfortunately the selection of Pocky was rather poor - Arthur was hoping to see some of the new season flavours like Marble Pocky, but there really wasn`t anyhting good in any of the shops he visited. On the plus side he found that his current favourite comic shop, Orbital comics, had opened yet another small shop selling "urban vinyl art" which basically translates to "weird oriental action figures". This includes Panda-Z and Arthur was only too happy to grab a couple of min-figures to add to his collection (strangely for a show about robot Pandas, Arthur got some nice figures featuring a giant robot chicken called Kokekku), Arthur also bought some Judge Dredd graphic novels very cheap (reduced to £2.99 each and buy 2 get third free!).

The day was toped off with a trip to see the latest Harry Potter film at the IMAX cinema, complete with the last 20 minutes in 3D. The film was excellent and the 3D worked quite well (although perhaps not quite as well as a film explicitly made for 3D). Unfortunately this trip to the cinema saw the start of some bad news for Arthur as his left knee had begun to ache just before the film started. It was fine during the film but ojn leaving the cineam it really began to hirt especially going down 4 stories of stairs in the cinema! The trip home was a somewhat painful affair with walking sometimes being rather difficult, especially where steps were involved. Getting to sllep was tricky to that night with the only pain free position for Arthur was lying on his back (Arthur usually sleeps on his side or front).

Getting a doctors appointment the next day was alomst as much of a painful experience and Arthur spent the morning at the farmers` market before getting an afternoon appointnent where he was told it was probably some inflamed cartilage and to just rest as much as possible, take some Ibuprofen and give it a week to go away (Arthur is not convinced by this diagnosis but will wait and see what happens). Arthur just hopes it doesn`t happen too often as he really doesn`t want yet another regular illness stopping him for taking exercise or doing anything useful round the house.

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Week of film

 Thursday 6 Sep 2007, 9:34 PM

Arthur has had a week full of film watching and, ironically, the goodness of each film has been indirectly propertional to its age.

The highlight had to be a restored digital print of The Dam Busters at his local cinema on the big screen. Arthur had never seen the film before (Arthur tends not to watch war films - for some reason he deosn`t find them that interesting) and went a) to broaden his film horizonsand b) because Pilot Pyles is a big dam Busters fan and really wanted to go. Fortuantley it was really good seeing it on a big screen and Arthur didn`t find it to be anywhere near as old fashioned as he expected. He also had a great time playing "spot the Star Wars reference" (or should that be "spot the bit that inspired Star Wars") as George Lucas clearly used the film as an inspiration for the final attack on the death star.

Arthur also watched a couple of Indiana Jones films on DVD (always good entertainment) and the new Quentin Tarantino film Deathproof, which was entertaining enough althogh nothinhg special. For Deathproof, Arthir broke his usual moral film viewing rules and downlaoded it - Arthur is happy to pay to watch fhe film as part of the Grindhouse double bill at the cinema as it was meant to be seen, complete with fake adverts in the middle (hewould also happily pay again to purchase it on DVD in the same format), but refuses to pay money to see a standalone version which pretty much defeats the original point of the entire film. The same thing will apply to Planet Terror when that is released in a few months time too. Just release the bloody film at the cinema as Grindhouse in this country like you did in the US...

Arthur`s final film of the week that he has just come back from seeing was 1408, a Stephen King horror adaptation starring John Cusak. Generally Mr Cusak is very watchable in films but Arthur tends to find Stephen King horror films very cliched, using the same tired old scare tactics. From reasonable reviews Arthur was hoping this would be different but, after starting well, it all went downhill in the middle using sacre tactics from just about every low quality 80`s horror film ever made. Some were nicely done but none were scary. There were plenty of bits to make you jump but this was only effective because the cinema sound system was in particualrly good form. The highlight of the evening was definitely the trip to McDonalds for a Flake McFlurry...

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