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Black Sunday presents Cabin in the Woods

 Thursday 23 Feb 2012, 5:02 AM Cabin in the Woods March 31st 2012 Cineworld Didsbury

Looks like Dave is coming good on this promise to bring back Black Sunday, with a taster screening of Cabin in the Woods at Midnight on March 31st 2012 at Cineworld Didsbury (just south of Manchester I believe - I live down south and it`s been a few years since I did Geography at school!)

There`s also a new Facebook page where Black Sunday fans of old (and new ones too) seem to be gathering

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Black Sunday returns for 2012?

 Wednesday 28 Dec 2011, 10:54 AM

A fair while back, possibly a few years now, I got an email from one Dave Bryan who`d been searching on-line for the 90s horror film festival he used to run in Manchester called Black Sunday (either that...  more >>

Poster Art

 Saturday 23 Jul 2011, 12:47 PM

All of a sudden proper movie poster art seems to have become a vaguely popular topic (by "proper poster art" I mean poster that are painted rather than bland Photoshop montages that, more often than not,...  more >>

Magnetic bookmarks

 Monday 27 Jun 2011, 2:22 AM

Why? Just why? They seem like a solution to a problem that nobody has (unless someone has a book with etched steel pages). I cope just fine with my "free from The Book Depository" bookmarks that come with...  more >>

Animal Soft Porn

 Saturday 2 Apr 2011, 11:50 PM

My first post on here in ages and what`s it about? Animal porn. OK, so I`m not actually talking about some woman being mounted by her pet dog or sucking off a zebra (something I have actually seen advertised...  more >>

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Gong Tau

Gong Tau, which, according to the film, translates as Chinese Black Magic, is a film about, well, Black Magic. And it`s not the usual chickens blood and yellow paper type of magic usually found in hopping vampire films either. This film proudly wears its Category III rating and generally deserves it although Arthur has seen worse...  Read More >>

Handy Hints for Life from Enquire Within Upon Everything, 1884

No. 51: Destruction of Rats

Melt hog's-lard in a bottle plunged in water, heated to about 150 degrees of Fahrenheit; introduce into it half an ounce of phosphorus for every pound of lard; then add a pint of proof spirit, or whisky; cork the bottle firmly after its contents have been heated to 150 degrees, taking it at the same time out of the water, and agitate smartly till the phosphorus becomes uniformly diffused, forming a milky-looking liquid. This liquid, being cooled, will afford a white compound of phosphorus and lard, from which the spirit spontaneously separates, and may be poured off to be used again for the same purpose, but not for drinking, for none of it enters into the combination, but it merely serves to comminute the phosphorus, and diffuse it in very small particles through the lard. This compound, on being warmed very gently, may be poured out into a mixture of wheat flour and sugar, incorporated therewith, and then flavoured with oil of rhodium, or not, at pleasure. The flavour may be varied with oil of aniseed, &c. This dough, being made into pellets, is to be laid into rat-holes. By its luminousness in the dark, it attracts their notice, and being agreeable to their palates and noses, it is readily eaten, and proves certainly fatal.



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