Gong Tau

Gong Tau

Gong Tau, which, according to the film, translates as Chinese Black Magic, is a film about, well, Black Magic. And it`s not the usual chickens blood and yellow paper type of magic usually found in hopping vampire films either. This film proudly wears its Category III rating and generally deserves it although Arthur has seen worse...

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The Film

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The film is about a policeman whose wife and baby son are cursed by the aforementioned Gong Tau. The rest of the film is spent uncovering the person behind it and why they are doing it. OK, so it`s not a complicated plot and there is a bit more too it than that, but it`s all you really need to know story wise.

From the director of Ebola Syndrome and Untold Story (Arthur was surprised the film didn`t star Anthony Wong as most films these days do, but was happy to see Hong Kong regular Suet Lam none-the-less), it isn`t the goriest of films although it can get unpleasant at times. There are an handful of Gong Tau cursing sequences throughout the film which probably owe more to voodoo than any oriental sorcery (lots of pins in straw dolls and alike). It gets nastier when the centipedes arrive - all good oriental black magic films need large centipedes, especially crawling out of peoples mouths and internal organs! Plus babies burst open, more centipedes at a rather graphic autopsy, shootings, dismemberment etc. round out some of the grisly highlights. Arthur would also like to make a special note of the spell ingredients - any spell that requires the caster to have a quick "tommy tank" has got to be worth casting just for the fun of it! And like any good Cat III film it also features some pointless female nudity and seedy sex scenes.

Also worth noting is the excellent soundtrack - lots of use of the surround speakers with creepy sound effects add to the tension. The wanking sound effect was very good too - Arthur wonders if they recorded the real thing or simulated it using some unexpected household items like a sink plunger and a bowl of jelly?


Good picture (although rather dark at time) and great sound (DTS was very effective and sounded like a full bitrate DTS soundtrack too). A few extras but nothing amazing - the making of documentary is nothing more than a 5 minute montage of behind the scenes clips with some interesting shots of severed heads against a green screen and alike.