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Arthur watches quite a lot of films. Some are good, some are not so good. A small handful are gob-smackingly amazing whilst other are about as entertaining as bowel cancer. And it is here that Arthur will endeavoir to share his opinions on various cinematic delights with the world at large.

At the moment Arthur hasn't reviewed that many films, as can be seen above. In fact a one armed man could probably count the number of reviews on his remaining fingers and possibly even have a few digits to spare. When the number of reviews becomes a bit more unweildy and the aforementioned one armed man has to start using the fingers of a friend to carry on counting the reviews on his favourite film review website by a short sighted notherner with a fetish for cheese, then Arthur will add some search functionality and alike to make life a bit easier for him. Until then, stop whining and just make do with the links above.