Amplifier and DVD

Amplifier, DVD and video

The amplifier at the heart of Arthur's home cinema system is Yamaha DSP Z9, which, at the time of writing, is Yamahas flagship amplifier (It is the huge black monster box in the picture above).

This is a fully THX Ultra2 certified amplifier that does Dolby Digital, DTS (including EX and ES variants) and just about every other sounbd format known to mankind (and probably some that aren't). it has 7 channels of amplification rated at 175 watts RMS each plus a couple of extra channels that can be used for a second zone or a couple of extra surround channels unique to Yamaha.

It does so much that it can be a bit complicated to use (Arthur has had it for almost a year now and he still can't work out how to get plain old Pro-logic IIx!) although set-up is made easier by the use of a self-calibration cycle where the amp plays various loud whooping noises and listens to the results using an attached microphone.

The DVD player is a Denon 2900. It is plays DVDs, DVD audio and Super Audio CD and feature progrseeive scan output. It is connected to the Yamaha amplifier using component video cabling and a coaxial digital cable for the audio. Again, a nice piece of kit; big, chunky and over-engineered. You can feel the quality!

Also shown in the picture above is Arthurs old video recorder (a Sony SLV715) but we'll gloss over that at is is rubbsihy old analogue technology.