Definitive Technology CLR1000

Arthur decided to go with a speakers that all came from the same manufacturer and range in order to ensure that the sound quality was the same throughout the system.

Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology BP2X

The chosen manufacturer was Definitive Technology although the subwoofer was from Miller & Kreisel (it is not as important to ensure that a subwoofer is fromm the same manufacturer - they blend into systems easier than other speakers)

The main speaks are a pair of floor standing BP8s. The center channel is a CLR1000 and the 4 surround speakers (Side left and right plus rear left and right) and BP2Xs. All the Definitive speakers (with the exception of the center channel) are bi-polar speakers which means they have 2 sets of speakers firing away from each other. This includes the main left and right speakers which have a set of drivers that fire backwards towards the wall. This gives a wider sound but you do sacrifice good stereo imaging.

All the speakers are wired up using QED silver anniversary speaker cable.


M&K MX150 THX subwoofer

The subwoofer is an MX150 THX certified active subwoofer and has 2 large drivers, one pointing forwards and one pointing upwards into he subwoofer cabinet (mounted on the bottom). Rather unsurprisingly given the model number, it outputs 150 watts rms of sound. In the photo above you can just see the RGB to Component video box used to connect the Ntl cable decoder to the Yamaha amp, sitting on top of the sub.