When he's not busy inventinig and refining the Cheesbrush (the most revolutionary domestic and industrial appliance since the indtroduction of teapot), Arhthur likes to fill some of his spare time with more artisitc pursuits.

This page presents a selection of Arthur's fantastic painted models. From vinyl figures over 18 inches talll to teensy weensy lead figures less than 5mm high, Arthur has painted them all.

Unfortunately Arthur's photography skills aren't quite as good as his painting skills and the pictures aren't excatly the best they could be (actually Arthur will at least partially blame TC's dodgy digital camera which would insist on re-refocusing when taking pictures in macro mode). However at some point in the future Arthur will try again with his lovely new Canon Ixus 50 digital camera which, as can be seen from the Pocky pages of this very website, is capable of producing far better images.

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