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Japanese snacks are great. They have stuff that has no western equivalent alongside more familiar items in flavours you just wouldn’t get anywhere else (Green tea Kit-Kat anyone?). And then there are the items that are the same as western snacks in the same kinds of flavours but that just taste so much nicer. Plus the packing often contains funny “Engrish” quotes or bizarre cartoon characters.

Pocky is the most famous and basically consists of a pretzel stick dipped in chocolate. But then there are numerous flavour variations as well. There are also many Pocky clones from different manufacturers both in Japan and abroad.

This website offers reviews of numerous Japanese snack foods plus a handful of other weird products from around the orient such as Korea and Thailand.

Yes, Arthur knows that there are other sites with similar reviews but he wanted his own web page to put across his views regarding oriental chocolate-on-stick products (the second greatest food stuff after cheese). I’m sure everyone can all get along; it’s a big old internet. Besides, there’s no such thing as too much Pocky.

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