Arthurs angry rants

"The world is full of idiots". Never have truer words been spoken. Most of the time Arthur can happily go about his everyday life with no problems at all, but every so often (and unfortuanatley such events are becoming more common) Arthur comes acroos someone or something so mind numbingly ridiculous he just has to screw up his face, shout a lot and tell the wolrd all about it on his website. From incompetent car drivers to pathetic jobsworths to ridiculous chocolate marketing, Arthur has sonmething to say about it. And he will not be silenced. If you can face Arthur in a really angry mood, then continue reading. Otherwise you might like to browse the DVD pages for films about cute fluffy animals. Grrrrrr.....


A yummy Marathon bar

In his first series of rants, Arthur will talk about the "Arthur Cleethorpes Against Confectionary Capitalism Action Campaign", or A.C.A.C.C.A.C. for short (if you say it as "Acaccac" you sound like an alien from the film Mars Attacks).

Texan Bars. Marathons. Opal Fruits. Easter Eggs with the chocolate treat INSIDE the egg. All these confectionary treats, once the backbone of candy industry have been swept away by evil, corporate giants looking to cut costs, line their own pockets and spit in the face of every British consumer who demands quality in their favourite treats. For years we have suffered in silence, being forced to pander to the whims of American corporations who force their corrupt ideals on our noble country. But the time has come to fight. The time has come to take up arms and demand what is rightfully ours. We don't want faceless, American candy bars. We want our favourite chocolate and sweets back now!