Film Festivals and Other Events

Arthur has many fond memories of atttending various film festivals over the years. Whilst many larger events such as the London film festival are well documented, Arthur has found that the more obscure genre festivals (horror, sci-fi, oriental action etc.) in Great Britain are mostly lost in the dim and distant past, mainly because the internet was not really around at the time. This mini site is an effort by Arthur to make some sort of record of these events. For those festivals that Arthur himself attended, he has written up this thoughts and feelings on them. Others are simply listed detailing, where possible, dates locations and the films shown.

There are several types of festival. Firstly, there are the all night epics where a number of films, usually between 7 and 10 are shown in one marathon sitting. For those people who value their sleep, there are smaller versions showing 4 or 5 films during the day. Finally there are those festivals that show various films over a number of days or even weeks. This site mainly concentrates on the first 2 although there are some festivals that combine several formats.

Arthur has tried to gather as much information as possible but there are still some gaps (please feel free to contact Arthur with any missing details). Some entires are merely place holders to be completed at a later date or links that point to exisiting resources that already cover these festivals.

It is not impossible that the film listings may be incorrect for some festivals as the line ups often changed from when they were advertised. Where possible Arthur has also gathered images of adverts, programmes, tickets etc.

Events that Arthur attended have been written up in some detail. Such Festivals are denoted below (and in subsequent pages) by the symbol Arthur attended this festival

Note: This site is currently under construction. Whilst most Festivals contain useful information, a few have yet to be fully updated and are simply empty placeholders. More details and images may be added in the future.