A Festival of Pure Horror

Odeon or Hyde Park Picture House or some other cinema in Leeds Saturday 14 September 1991

As horror festivals became more popular, more and more of them started to appear. One of these was the Festival of Pure Horror organised by Alucard promotions. Best of all it was due to happen at the Odeon cinema in Leeds (where Arthur was at University) in their biggest (and very nice) main screen. However all was not well. The only film announced was the premiere of Omen 4 and this was hardly a lynchpin type of film. Arthur decided to wait to see what other films were announced before he and Mr E bought tickets. Closer to the date still no new films had been added to the line up and the venue mysteriously changed to the Hyde Park picture house, a much, much smaller venue. Alarm bells began to ring and rightly so. The festival never happened and the organiser had run off with all the money from ticket sales. The last Arthur heard the organiser was being investigated for fraud by the police. Arthur is just glad he didn't get tickets but feels sorry for all those people who sent their money in good faith to this crook.

Films Shown

  • Omen 4