Mini Black Sunday 1

Mayfair Cinema, Whitefield Saturday 21 December 1991

Films Shown

  • Tiger on the Beat
  • People Under the Stairs
  • Revenge of Billy the Kid
  • The Grand Tour

Arthur's Review of Mini Black Sunday 1

Arthur doesn't actually think he attended this festival but being in the dim and distant past it is kind of hard to tell as a lot of these things tend to blur into one big event. Arthur seems to recall that as it was just before Christmas and he had just gone home from University it was a bit much hassle and cost (for a poor student) to go.

However, even with his non attendance, Arthur is including it here as it marks an important turning point in the history of the Black Sunday film festivals. This was not a full on, sleepless 10 film marathon. Instead it was a more manageable 4 film mini fest shown during the day. Indeed, as far as Arthur is aware, Black Sunday 6 was the very last time that a full 10 film event was ever held bearing the Black Sunday name. Putting together these things was hard work and Arthur suspects that the organiser Dave had his sights set higher and couldn't devote so much time to something that was essentially a labour of love. Arthur also seems to recall that it was about this time that Dave released the first issue of his new film magazine, State (a very cheesy rip off of another popular film magazine title!), so it seems very likely that the reduced festival line up was directly related to this.

The venue also changed, this time to the Mayfair Cinema in Whitefield, another suburb of Manchester, not too far from Ashton.