Yes, it's been a number of years since I updated this site. Am getting back on the case with a slightly more modern re-design but have temporarily jettisoned some of the content simply becasue I want to get something new up and running sooner rather than later. I'm sure I'll add it all back eventually in some form or another.

I'm not 100% happy with the overall appearance of the main site but it's better than it was and I can adjust things later as required.

I've started off with a few important bits like the Mr Claypole memorial, because, let's face it, everyone loves Mr Claypole. Plus I've added a Star Wars page where I built a gallery for some of my old action figure card backs.

Handy Hint for Today


Attend to the following essential rules: 1) Lose no time. 2) Handle the body gently. 3) Carry the body face downwards, with the head gently raised, and never hold it up by the feet. 4) Send for medical assistance immediately. 5) Strip the body, rub it dry: then wrap it in hot blankets, and place it in a warm bed in a warm room. 6) Cleanse away the froth and mucus from the nose and mouth. 7) Apply warm bricks, bottles, bags of sand, etc, to the armpits, between the thighs, and to the soles of the feet. 8) Rub the surface of the body with the hands enclosed in warm dry worsted socks. 9) If possible, put the body into a warm bath. 10) Attempt to restore breathing .

Enquire Within Upon Everything, 1884