Arthur and the Cheesebrush

Pencil sketches of Arthur Cleethorpes and his 2 Speed Cheesebrush

Cheese is one of the most important food groups alongside fruit, vegetables and Marzipan. Available in a million and one delicous varieties, each one is tastier than the last. Cheese is so nice it just seems wrong to eat it if it's less than perfect.

And what is the biggest cause of cheese consumption dissatisfaction, I hear you ask? Well the answer is simple: dirt. Many people do not know that to be enjoyed to its fullest, cheese needs to be cleaned.

The 2-speed cheesebrush is the fundamental basis of all modern quality cheese cleaning. You can't just start wiping it down with any old damp rag you happen to have lying around; you need to use the right tool for the job. And thus we begin the story of Arthur Cleethorpes, a few years before the start of the new millenium, when Arthur was a junior cheese roller at Bridlington Cheeses....

2. An unlikely hero 3. The new toothbrush