In Loving Memory of Mr Claypole

A terrible thing has happened; there has been a death in the world of show-business of a much loved children's television character. Yes, Michael Staniforth, better known to millions as Mr Claypole, star of TV's Rentaghost, is dead. I'm sure you'll agree that this a a terible tragedy. An incredibly talented young actor has been taken from the nation before he was even old enough to reflect on his life so far, thinking 'What the f**k am I doing wasting my career dressed as a bl**dy jester'. But what makes this news even more shocking and sickening is that he actually died 30 years ago (at time of writing), in 1987.

Mr Claypole looking somehwat downheartened

'Gadzooks! Where's my Memorial?'

How can this have gone unknown for so long? I expect many of you simply thought he had moved onto better things after Rentaghost finished, such as a children's party entertainer or working as a waiter at a medieval themed restaurant.

Where are the memorials? Where are the TV specials celebrating his life and acheivements? Where are the reunions for other surviving cast members (Mr Meaker kicked the bucket a while ago as well but he was old and annoying and just wasn't as cool as Mr Claypole anyway, so we'll just ignore his death for the moment)? Where can ordinary people, such as yourselves, go to mourn his passing - Elvis has Graceland, so surely Mr Claypole deserves a one bedroom flat enshrined in his honour?

Mr Claypole is his weird jesters outfit

The Tribute

Well today this injustice will end. Arthur will not stand by and let the death of a living legend (who is dead) go unnoticed. This web site is now home to the official Timothy Claypole (aka Michael Staniforth) tribute page. Furthermore, Arthur has declared a period of national mourning to honour his life and acheivements. And in recongnition of the fact that his death has gone by unnoticed, this period of morning will last for the length of time it has taken for this terrible tragedy to come to the public's attention - 16 years.

Celebrate Mr Claypole's Life