Mr Claypole's Mourning Countdown Timer

Mr Claypole with a selection of friends, some of whom are dead
Countdown Until Mourning is Over

The countdown timer above shows how much longer we must mourn the death of Mr Claypole. For the years of happiness he gave to us, it is the least we can do for him.

The timer was due to run out in January 2019, but Arthur was recently contacted by Mike, who much like Arthur 15 odd years ago, had only just found out about Mr Claypole's passing.

Arthur can completlely symapthise with the emotional trauma that Mike must currently be going through and as such has granted Mike's wish to reset the mourning countdown clock to reflect the amount of time that Mike lived his life unable to pay his proper respects to this living (then dead, then really dead) legend. And thus our period of mourning must continue until November 2043.

Timothy Claypole looks surprised at the prospect of attacrting young girls who might mistake him for a team captain whilst wearing a black arm band

Wear a Black Armband

As is often traditional in times of mourning, we should all wear a black armband as a mark of respect (also attractive young girls may think you are a team captain of some sort and want to make out with you, which can only be a good thing). If you do not happen to have a handy black armband available, Arthur has designed one for you.

Simply click on the image to the left to download your armband. Then print it off, cut round the edge using some scissors (get a parent to help if you are a cack-handed fool who shouldn't be near sharp things) and then affix the armband around the top of your arm using some sticky tape. It you eat too much and are fat, then the armband may be too small to fit round your arm, so either lose some weight or print off 2 armbands and join them together, again using sticky tape.

Mr Claypole wallpaper

Mr Claypole wallpaper for your PC

What better place to have a constant reminder of Mr Claypole's happy, smiley face than on your PC. This desktop wallpaper is available at a resolution of 800 x 600. Simply click on the image to download your copy now and place in on your desktop as a constant reminder of what he has given to make others happy.

Arthur is really sorry - this wallpaper was made a long time ago and he really can't be bothered to update it for modern screen sizes. Just use the centering option. Or tile it. Or stretch.

Many Thanks

It should not go unnoticed that this tribute to Mr Claypole would not have been possible without the unofficial Rentaghost Homepage website. Indeed it is there that Arthur learned of Mr Claypole's untimely demise and then, in a moment of extreme emotion, stole all their pictures for use on his own website. (When updating his website years later, Arthur was once again overcome with grief, which again casued him to pinch various other higher resolution images with the help of Google)

Previously Arthur would ask you to visit this site for a better understanding of Rentaghost as a whole, but the site has long since gone, only to be replaced by some dubious looking buttons and popups that at best will try and sell you stuff and at worst load all manner of evil, the likes of which not even Mr Claypole could spirit away from your hard drive.

Mr Claypole's Memorial