Dark Days Lie Ahead

Traditional Opal Fruiots Wrapper

The opressive chocolate manufacturers have destroyed your favourite chocolate brands or repackaged them as some generic, nonsense-named American chocolate clone. So, you make the tough decision to give up chocolate and enjoy other sweets instead. Then, just as you thought things couldn't get any worse, what happens? They start doing exactly the same thing to the sweets you've been eating all your life!

A packet of evil Starburst fruit chews

Opal Fruits - They're at it Again!

Who can forget one of the most famous and succesful advertising jingles of all time ...

Opal Fruits. Made to make your mouth water!

No other sweet had such a positive brand image or ad campaign. Just the mention of the words 'Opal Fruits' would conjure up images of dehydrated children on a long car jorney, being instantly refreshed by a tiny, chewy square of Opal Fruit goodness. The fact that Opal Fruits actually seemed to make you more thristy after having one, was neither here nor there..

So, with such a succesful product on their hands, what do those oh-so-clever sweet manufacturers do? Yes, they decide to change the name in line with (guess who) the Americans. Once again they cite the reasons as being 'Product recognition' and alike, when actually they really mean to say is 'we want to screw the British consumer, cut costs and make more even more profits because the board of directors aren't fat enough already'.

So, following the Texan and Marathon bars, yet another confectionery institution is unceremoniously dumped.

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